The Corbin Conundrum

So they put the MitB briefcase on Baron Corbin, who is thoroughly unimpressive & not over. There are signs that he might cash in on Nakamura at Summerslam, which would be a pretty lame note on potentially the 1st Nakamura title reign.

What do you think about if they had Corbin cash in on the Universal Title as part of this supposed Superstar Shakeup, specifically trading him for Big Cass?

Nakamura gets to have a title reign against a good selection of opponents. Corbin gets some monsters on Raw to brawl with. Cass gets away from the Enzo shadow & to hopefully develop a fresh new personality, maybe even pairing him with Carmella for a Jersey D-Bag couple.

Thoughts on this as a Corbin solution? Because as you said in your MitB review, Corbin was the least interesting choice to go with…

​Could work. There’s certainly a better selection of guys on RAW who would work well with Corbin, rather than the smaller and faster crew on Smackdown. With Cass though, I just don’t know what the solution would be. Putting him on a different show might be a good start and give him a star aura, but there’s a lot of issues to be worked out with him.​