WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 1st, 1990

April 1, 1990

From the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Tony Schiavone, in his final appearance with the company before heading back to WCW.

In action this week are Ted DiBiase, Jim Duggan, The Barbarian, and The Rockers


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bob Bradley

Duggan plays around with his 2×4 as the crowd plays along with his antics. We hear from Dino Bravo & Jimmy Hart as they promise to beat Duggan at WrestleMania VI. Duggan tosses Bradley outside after a hip toss then brings him back inside and hits the Three Point Stance for the win (2:22).

Thoughts: Duggan is still over but he’s in a nothing match at WrestleMania against Dino Bravo.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Same as “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Bad News Brown vs. Mark Ming

Bad News immediately beats on Ming as we see Piper, with his face half-painted black sing “True Colors” in a soft voice as Bad News stays in control of the match. Bad News yells at the ref then clotheslines Ming before putting him away with the Ghetto Blaster (2:11). After the match, Bad News tosses Ming outside.

Thoughts: Piper was way too far out there with this feud and as a result it did not seem to get that much heat.


Hogan and Warrior promos from “Superstars of Wrestling.” airs.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Omar Atlas

DiBiase beats on Atlas to start. However, he turns his back and Atlas almost rolls him up for the win. Atlas follows with a pair of dropkicks but eats elbow on a charge as DiBiase regains control. The crowd chants for Jake Roberts, who we hear from in an insert promo telling DiBiase the chase will end at WrestleMania then DiBiase puts Atlas away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:22).

Thoughts: This crowd was all over DiBiase here as the Million Dollar Title match has been one of the most hyped matches on the WrestleMania VI card.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Big Bossman to the interview platform. Bossman tells Akeem he is going to push back for him and his cuffs can fit anyone, including Akeem, as he promises to put Slick in check if he decides to get involved.


Jerry Monti vs. The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan

Barbarian beats on Monti as we hear from Heenan in an insert promo telling Tito Santana his newest client will destroy him at WrestleMania. Monti dodges a corner charge and comes off the middle rope but is caught with a powerslam then Barbarian hits a big boot for the win (2:50).

Thoughts: The Barbarian looked fine here but really needs to ditch the old Powers of Pain gear.


WrestleMania VI Report with Gene Okerlund.


Black Knight & Black Bart vs. The Rockers

The Rockers work over Bart as the announcers talk about their match against the Orient Express at WrestleMania. They clear the ring after hitting stereo hurricaranas as Mr. Fuji is with the Orient Express telling the Rockers his team is better and will destroy them at WrestleMania. The Rockers then beat on the Black Knight until putting him away with double flying fist drops (2:46).

Thoughts: Match was fine but there has been little fanfare for The Rockers match against the Orient Express. They are trying to build it as Fuji still hating The Rockers from their feud with the Powers of Pain and that he brought the Orient Express in to finish them off but its not really registering with the fans.


Next week in action are Tito Santana, Orient Express, Hercules, Rhythm & Blues, and Roddy Piper.


Final Thoughts: Just last minute WrestleMania VI hype here. Nothing more than that as the big PPV aired this same day. It still feels like a one-match PPV but one that is finally here, and will be recapped tomorrow.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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