Mid-South Wrestling – November 26th, 1982

November 26, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts


Bill Watts talks about Dave Rimington, an All-American Center for the Nebraska University football team (and the namesake of the NCAA Rimington Trophy, given to the Nation’s top center) and how much he can bench press at his size before saying Tony Atlas can put up even more weight while weighing 45 lbs less. After that we are shown the bench press clip from a few weeks ago with Atlas as he is being spotted by the Junkyard Dog. You can tell they are making an effort to get Atlas over as one of the top faces with JYD being off TV for ninety days.


DiBiase is with Pierce at the desk and tells us how great of a North American Champion he is then narrates a match he had against Tiger Conway Jr. in Houston. We see about ten minutes of the action as DiBiase won after hitting Conway with a loaded glove. The match was alright but really just a basic house show match. DiBiase is shown at the desk again as he laughs and smiles over his win.


Ring announcer Reesor Bowden interviews Skandor Akbar in a pre-taped segnent. Akbar says he has acquired the services of Kamala for an “astronomical” amount of money as he is pissed over Kamala being left off of the Thanksgiving Superdome show and promises that Kamala will be on every supercard going forward and says Kamala is the only man to beat the Junkyard Dog without any interference as he also says that Stagger Lee is in fact JYD. As it turns out, Akbar is the reason Kamala is here and expect him to get a bigger push going forward.


El Silencio vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Kimchee

Kamala immediately attacks El Silencio as Watts calls him an “illiterate savage” as Kamala hits a pair of splashes for the win (0:43). After the match, Kamala unmasks Silencio as Akbar takes the mask then heads over to the announcers table to say that Kamala is going to unmask everyone in Mid-South, including Stagger Lee and Mr. Wrestling II.

Thoughts: The same as the other Kamala squash matches we have seen but the story of Kamala collecting masks for Akbar is a good one as we now know why Akbar brought him into the territory. It also makes it seem that Akbar was the one who destroyed Mr. Wrestling II’s mask from a couple of weeks ago.


Rick & John Davidson vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia & Sharpe take control to start the match as Watts talks about Kamala and Stagger Lee. The Davidson Brothers fight back but Olympia puts John away with a flying body press (3:37).

Thoughts: Boring stuff for the most part. Without JYD, Olympia is mostly directionless and now teaming with a miscast Sharpe.


Marty Lunde vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling II takes over Lunde then cuts off a comeback with a knee smash. He follows with a slam as Watts puts over his “tendon strength” as Mr. Wrestling II gets the win with a power knee lift (2:28).

Thoughts: Watts loved Mr. Wrestling II a lot more than the fans did. He was over a little bit but Watts constant love for him on commentary has not been shown from the live crowds.


Bob Roop vs. Mike Bond

Watts puts over how Roop has returned and that wrestlers are independent contractors who can do as they please. Roop will also be the guest commentator next week as he works the arm of Bond. Roop hammers away in the corner but Bond fights back. He takes Roop down with a hip toss but runs into a clothesline then Roop hits a hip smash and a knee smash before the brainbuster gets him the win (3:03).

Thoughts: Since losing the title then staying out of the ring for a few months, Roop now feels out of place in the Territory and ended up leaving shortly and going to wrestle in Georgia.


Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs. Tim Horner & King Cobra

Matsuda & Horner take control to start. Yatsu hits a pair of suplexes on Cobra then Horner tags in and runs wild on Matsuda. Horner gets two with a slam but Yatsu tags back in and hammers away. He tags out as Cobra hammers away as the bell rings, signaling the end of the show (2:26).

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted at least. Horner is starting to show a lot of potential in the ring and the crowds are getting behind him when he is on offense.


Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot of great in-ring action here but they did a fine job in both advancing and creating new storylines. With a relatively quiet show here, I expect something wild to happen next week as that is usually the pattern I’ve seen take place over the past several months.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

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