Hording Talent

I’ve read an interesting comment on either your blog or another wrestling site that does seem apparent that WWE has a good chunk of guys on their payroll simply to prevent other promotions to utilize these people. If this rings true and they simply are just hording talent, are they soon going to be at a point where they’re going to have to create another brand?

At this point, NXT could replace the Main Event taping and be LIVE from 7-8PM on Monday and could be what ECW was from 2006-2010. Then create another Full Sail brand for all these guys they want.

​God no, enough "brands" already. I feel like if the ROH rumors had panned out, buying that show and merging it with the upper end of NXT while using the developmental guys on the "real" NXT would have been the way to go.

I’m actually starting to think that maybe the other way to go would be to buy All Japan or get some kind of serious financial stake in it, because it really feels like they’re missing out on exploiting that market to the fullest at the moment. ​