Scott Keith, CFO

In all seriousness, play along with this as I respect your views and input on " this business". Say you were given the role of WWE CFO and told to increase that measly 5 million dollar profit. How would you start immediately to cut costs? They’ve eliminated shows from the network and increased their profits. What else would you do?

If I know you well enough from reading your stuff over the years, I’d say #1 on the chopping block would be the cheesy, garish video wall? That wall, if memory serves, takes something like 6 tractor trailers to cart around the country?

What else?

It’s just about brutal profit mongering? Okey dokey.

Jettison the NXT brand. It’s a huge money loser and if you want to increase profits NOW, it’s gotta go. You can still run the developmental facility, but no more signing guys to contracts and running shows that sell 400 tickets.

Kill the movie division.

Stop flying all the international commentary teams to every show.

Get rid of 205 Live and all the guys on the show.

Put the women on one show and fire the other half.

Reduce downsides severely and tie pay to performance of the Network.

There you go!