What the World Was Watching: The Action Zone – April 16, 1995

Todd Pettengill recaps the end of last week’s main event between Razor Ramon and Tatanka, which resulted in a double count out and saw a brawl between both participants, the 1-2-3 Kid, and King Kong Bundy.

Todd Pettengill and Gorilla Monsoon are doing commentary, with both of them still in Lowell, Massachusetts.  They allow Pettengill to do the lead play-by-play duties for the show, which is really puzzling.

Opening Contest:  The 1-2-3 Kid (3-1) pins Barry Horowitz after a roundhouse kick at 2:46:

Horowitz is not booked like a regular enhancement talent here, getting a few near-falls on the Kid, including a Northern Lights suplex.  However, the Kid takes Horowitz’s head off with a roundhouse kick and goes over.

Ray Rougeau tells the Kid that King Kong Bundy is angry that the Kid embarrassed him on last week’s show.  The Kid says that he was just trying to help his friend Razor Ramon and was not trying to embarrass anyone.

Pettengill and Monsoon discuss Bertha Faye’s attack on WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze two weeks ago on RAW and discuss pictures of her recovery from nose surgery.

Men on a Mission (7-1) beat John Senowski & Charlie Hunter when Mabel pins Hunter after a belly-to-belly suplex at 2:37:

Senowski is a really thin jobber that Mabel proceeds to destroy with a piledriver and Hunter fares no better, with Mabel destroying him in the corner before finishing him with a belly-to-belly suplex.  It is clear that these matches by heel Men on a Mission are foreshadowing a Mabel singles push as he is getting nearly all of the offense in them.

Men on a Mission tell Rougeau that the Smoking Gunns are yesterday’s news and they are moving onto other things.  I suppose that wraps up that “feud” without an actual payoff.

Pettengill and Monsoon hype the In Your House pay-per-view in a month’s time.  The card is headlined by Diesel defending the WWF Championship against Sid.

Non-Title Match:  Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Champion w/The Roadie) (7-5) defeated Scott Taylor via submission to the figure-four leg lock at 3:35:

Even though Jarrett is facing an enhancement talent, he and the Roadie cheat anyway, with the Roadie helping Jarrett work a Boston crab and then choking Taylor on the ropes behind the referee’s back.  Taylor excites the crowd by trying a flying body press but crashes and burns when Jarrett moves out of the way and the figure-four breaks Jarrett’s three-match losing streak.

­-We get a replay of the Bob Backlund spring break segment that aired on Superstars.

A weird commercial of fourth grader Jasmine McNeil reading a story about how “there is no hope with dope” with the Undertaker suddenly appearing beside her and echoing her words is shown.

Kama (w/Ted DiBiase) (9-0) beats John Crystal after a belly-to-belly suplex at 2:10:

There was an Internet rumor years ago that John Crystal was actually Santino Marella.  Instead, he was a Canadian wrestler that teamed with fellow WWF jobber Mike Khoury to form a tag team called Models Incorporated on the independent circuit.  Kama uses this bout to show off his submission skills before ending things with a belly-to-belly suplex, which appears to be a favorite finisher for a growing number of WWF superstars.

After the match, DiBiase heralds Kama as a shining example of the New Generation and of a restructured Million Dollar Corporation.  DiBiase then introduces all of the members of his Corporation – Tatanka, King Kong Bundy, Irwin R. Schyster, and Bam Bam Bigelow – showing that Nikolai Volkoff has been written out of the company for good, and then proceeds to welcome Sid as the Corporation’s newest acquisition.  Sid high fives his new Corporate teammates except for Bigelow, who keeps his distance.

A Hunter-Hearst Helmsley vignette is aired.

Pettengill and Monsoon hype the house you can win at In Your House.

Call 1-900-747-4WWF to hear Jim Ross’s interview with Shawn Michaels for $1.49 per minute!

The Allied Powers (4-0) defeat The Heavenly Bodies (4-3) when the British Bulldog pins Jimmy Del Ray after a running powerslam at 12:57 shown:

Conspicuous by his absence in this match is Jim Cornette, who does not accompany the Bodies to ringside for this week’s main event.  Monsoon announces during the bout that WWF Champion Diesel has given a title match to Bam Bam Bigelow although it is unclear when that match will take place.  The Bodies work over the Bulldog, placing him in peril, and working in some nice double teams behind the referee’s back.  Luger eventually gets the hot tag, but does something really stupid in tagging in the Bulldog after cleaning house.  However, the recuperate and regenerative powers of the ring apron are enough for the Bulldog to shrug off all of the punishment that he has taken for the last seven minutes and capture the win for his team when Jimmy Del Ray tries to float over on a blind charge.  The nonsensical finish hurts this one a bit, but the Bodies did a good job looking like a threat to the much more talented Allied Powers.  Having Cornette on the outside would have enhanced their possibilities of winning as well.  Rating:  ***

Tune in next week to see the New Headshrinkers face the Blu Brothers!

Wrestling Challenge for this week also featured two additional bouts:

*Aldo Montoya (6-2) pinned Mark Starr

*Duke Droese (8-0) pinned Mike Khoury

The company was preparing to do a big tour of Germany so there were not any house show results from this past week.  Here were some news and notes about the company, though (courtesy of The Wrestling Observer):

*Dave Meltzer reports that Shane Douglas might be headed to the WWF.  Douglas recently dropped the ECW title to the Sandman and then put on a Monday Night RAW t-shirt in the ECW Arena.  However, this just appears to be an angle since Douglas has not signed a contract with the WWF yet, but ECW diehards are concerned about losing talent since Sabu has left the company.

*The airing of the odd vignette on The Action Zone with the Undertaker about drugs may be in reaction to media interest in doing stories on the use of drugs and steroids in wrestling due to the recent deaths of Eddie Gilbert and Big John Studd.

*Owen Hart & Yokozuna will be defending the WWF tag team titles in late April on a major USWA card, with their opponents not yet named.  The company plans to continue sending some talent to the USWA despite Jerry Jarrett recently forming a working agreement with WCW.

*Although WrestleMania had a disappointing buy rate, Monday Night RAW is doing good ratings, with the recent edition on April 10 pulling a 3.7 rating, tying highest in the history of the show.

*The company will be bringing in Dan Spivey.  Meltzer says that he may be a tag team partner of Sid, although that would be a completely unoriginal idea.

*Missy Hyatt has reportedly contacted the company for an announcer position, but the company is not showing much interest.

The Last Word:  This show was significant from a storyline perspective because it put Sid with the Million Dollar Corporation.  The decision to do so was questionable, though, because the Corporation had a tendency to weaken everyone that was affiliated with it and Sid appeared to be far too talented to need the group.  Aside from that, it also featured some good wrestling action and is advancing an interesting big man vs. small feud with King Kong Bundy and the 1-2-3 Kid.

Up Next (on Tuesday):  Monday Night RAW from April 17, 1995!