Raw/Nitro on Canadian TV

Having a furious debate with a friend regarding his Raw/Nitro viewing habits.

He claims that he used to flip between Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars. I told him this was impossible because he did not live in the US. Watching those Network specials on the subject is warping his brain, creating memories that did not exist.

Raw and Nitro didn’t air live in Canada. I vividly recall watching Nitro on Wednesdays after school on TSN. I believe Raw was on Tuesday afternoons (replay) and was tape delayed on Mondays TSN. Am I semi correct?

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Can any other Canadians help settle this debate?

You are correct. He would have no way to flip between the shows without a US satellite dish, because TSN aired both shows. Nitro was Wednesday for a while and moved to Tuesday afternoon eventually, but never at the same time as RAW. I think once or twice it aired on Monday during the dog show or tennis or whatever.

Now we have FIVE TSN channels, plus Sportsnets, so today it would be trivial for them to air the shows simultaneously.