Jason Jordan just winning.

Hi Scott,

Two thoughts on Jason Angle:

1) Would it have made sense to draw out the reveal? Have at least one week where Angle can’t believe he’s a father then promote the next show, where he FINDS OUT!

2) Is this overdoing it? In the Reigns Era, any wrestler that the fans KNOW is getting pushed is already going to have a strike against him. Why not do a slow burn push where Jordan just starts to win matches. Fans would pick up that he’s a winner and, combined with his wrestling ability, react accordingly.

Because what they needed was something to pay off their angle and draw a rating. I doubt that Jordan was even their first choice or that they knew exactly what they were doing with the story when they started.

As noted on the Observer radio show the other day, fans aren’t even buying into it in the ironic hipster "We’ll cheer him and play along because it’s silly and cool" way. It’s a stupid idea and it’s going to kill off Jordan.