Highspots Shoot Interview with Terri Runnels

This was filmed in August 2008

Michael Bochicchio is the host

It is a two-disc set. Disc One runs at one hour and fifty minutes long while Disc Two runs at One Hour and twenty-eight minutes long.


This starts off with the host telling us he has been trying for years to get an interview with Terri, who said she finally agreed because she has the time to give a proper interview.


Terri talks about growing up in a “ignorant, redneck existence” in Florida and did not believe what everyone else did and wanted to be like those who acted with elegance and grace. Terri said she now looks back and respects some elements of the town in that everyone helped each other out but wanted bigger and better things. She left for Atlanta at age 17 to go to Bauder Fashion College as she wanted to do merchandising and design but ended up working in a salon. At the salon, several CNN anchors would go there and one of them gave her the name of the CNN makeup person and she finally got an interview and did what she did and got hired on the spot.


She talks about doing makeup for the Crockett’s on Saturdays and Sundays as she got the weekend gig due to being the “lowest on the totem pole.” Terri talks about watching TV with her dad as a kid and sometimes he’d watch wrestling as she remembered Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo McDaniel, and the Briscoes from her childhood. Terri talks about how she would sometimes paint Sting and the Road Warriors faces then did regular TV makeup for the announcers.


Terri lived in Washington D.C. and did makeup for the “Larry King Show” and met everyone from presidents, celebrities, and porn stars. She talks about being starstruck when seeing Tom Selleck because she had a crush on him.


One day, Terri was having lunch with Tony Schiavone at the Omni Hotel where he told her about an idea Ole Anderson had for her as an on screen character. Terri said the only thing she came up with was the name as she felt “Alexandria York” was a snotty name. She talks about doing both the makeup gig at 4:30am then doing the wrestling after that and almost passed out walking to the ring one match due to exhaustion and ended up clutching the ring post for the match.


Terri said she started taking GHB, which was sold at gyms at the time, because it helped you sleep and burn fat, but after a couple of weeks she was acting erratically and had no clue she was doing this and decided to stop.


On Ole Anderson, Terri said he was great to work for as far as she is concerned. She also liked Gene Anderson, who was tough on everyone but had a soft spot for her as she talks about loving the old days of wrestling.


When asked which wrestler hit on her first, Terri said anytime someone spent more than five minutes in her makeup chair everyone just assumed they were sleeping together. She did talk about briefly dating Brian Pillman until he got back together with his ex-girlfriend after learning she was pregnant but claims to only have dated a few men in wrestling.


Terri tells us about Larry King and how he was a creep. She said he always ate while in her makeup chair as she would have to brush food off of his face to do her job. Larry also told her once that he was “sexy tired” and when Terri asked him if she could go to Seattle for the Goodwill Games makeup position, Larry told her he would if she “took care” of him as Terri told him the games were not that important and she hung up and never spoke to him again.


Terri first managed Mike Rotunda but he left soon after that for the WWF as she recalls him having issues about his character. After that she managed Terry Taylor, who helped her out with showing her how to behave backstage as he helped her learn the hard way, which is something Terri said she needed at the time. She recalls and incident in which she complained about something Rick Steiner did and the next day came back to find chewed up sunflower seeds all over her Alexandria York glasses as Terri said that helped her appreciate the position and opportunity. She also puts over Taylor’s sense of humor.


She talks about being attracted to Dustin Rhodes and found in charming and one night she had too much tequila so Dustin brought her to the room and left. The next morning, she called him up to bring her some toothpaste and after that he asked her out and they went on a few dates. Terri said that Dusty used to love her until she started dating Dustin and tells a story of how she was with Dustin and his mother then Dustin received a call from the plane and came back to tell Terri not to talk to him again. She later found out Dusty to his son she dated Stan Kasten and was out for his money, which Terri said was ludicrous as he barely had any money at all while she had money in the bank and owned a condo. They worked it out as Terri said early on in his career, Dustin let people push his buttons and notes that Barry Windham did it all of the time.


Terri is asked about several wrestlers in WCW. She loves Ric Flair and said he is a blast off camera and says the story in his book about being at the St. Louis Marriott after a PPV where they partied. She left her stuff in Flair’s room as she stayed at another hotel so she knocked on his door where he answered it naked then got out and shut the door but locked his keys inside so he had to go to the lobby naked and ask for keys as she said his nickname for her was “Boobs.” She traveled with Ray Traylor a lot and put him over as being a great guy and says he was almost like one of her “girlfriends” as Terri said he walked her down the aisle for her second marriage, which lasted all of one month, and that he asked her if she was sure about following through with the marriage.


After avoiding the question for the past half-hour, Terri said she left WCW after being fed up with Dusty and walking off after a show. She continued to work for CNN then after giving birth to her child stayed at home.


Terri talks about how she got hired by the WWE. She was in a tanning bed and felt since Goldust was doing a Hollywood character then she should do some Hollywood-glam character then asked Dustin to call Vince but Dustin had her call instead. She said Pat Patterson called back and he appreciated the call but they were not interested. However, a month later Dustin called her from the road and said they wanted to bring her in and do the idea. She talks about begging Vince to let her smoke the actual cigar and after a month of pleading he finally agreed when Patterson spoke up on her behalf.


She then talks about her daughter for a while then about walking around her home naked but will never pose for a nude photo as she talks about people photoshopping her face onto other pictures for a while until getting back to wrestling. Terri said Dustin was not crazy about the Goldust gimmick at first and how Vince created the character.


Terri confirms that Scott Hall was uncomfortable working with the Goldust character due to the homosexual undertones of the character. She also says he was the only one who took issue.


She talks about Vince Russo creating the miscarriage angle with D’Lo Brown and said at that time was all about shock value. Terri said it was a stupid storyline without purpose and fought against it but lost.


Terri said she hated being in matches as she got into the business to be a manager/valet and was not good as a wrestler. She does like taking bumps though and was thrilled when the Dudley Boyz put her through a table.




On the angle with Brian Pillman that ended when Pillman passed away, Terri said the company planned to have her renew vows with Goldust then Pillman would object and brawl with both guys getting color then she would jump on top of Pillman and leave with him. When asked, she said that Pillman struggled with substance abuse issues for many years.


Terri liked working with Val Venis and says he was smart with a great sense of humor. She also said they both talked about politics too. She also hated the PMS name and tried to get Russo to change that but once again failed. She said working with Ryan Shamrock was like working with her child and that Sean Stasiak was a nice guy but not cut out for the wrestling business.


She talks about Stacy Keibler coming into the company and how it took her a long time for her to grasp the business.


Terri said she likes Jerry Lawler but does not care for his ideas for what women should do in wrestling as he wants them to be in sexual roles. She also said one of her least favorite times in wrestling was feuding with Kat.


On Perry Saturn and being his valet, Terri said she loved working with him and would love to get back in touch with him again. She hated the Moppy gimmick though and felt it was stupid and too far-fetched. Terri said Raven was the only person in wrestling she worked with that she did not trust and said he only cared about himself.


She was upset about being left off of the WrestleMania X-7 card because there were talks of her doing stuff there but at the last second all of the ideas were scrapped. Terri said once that happens she developed a bit of an attitude over the way it was handled by the company.


Terri loved hosting WWE Excess and everything that came with the role. She then talks about how Sunny and Sable hated each other and she had to act like an intermediary between the two.


When asked about the “Flight From Hell,” Terri said all she remembers was Dustin serenading her over the loudspeaker as the interviewer says he believes she is lying.


Terri talks about people having fake My Space accounts of her that told promoters she was cancelling events and they were talking bad about her own family.


This ends with the host thanking Terri for missing her flight in order to give enough time for the interview.


Final Thoughts: The interview started off fine but once the interviewer asked Terri why she left WCW it went to shit. Terri clearly did not want to talk about that and basically decided she was going to deflect any question that made her uncomfortable by going way off topic with stories about her outside life that were anything but interesting. I’ll give the interviewer credit for trying to keep her on topic and even questioning her answers and whether or not she was being truthful about certain topics.

Honestly, the most interesting part of the interview was when she talked about Larry King and how he was a sleazebag. The second disc you might as well toss in the garbage as half of it was random stories about her daughter and people impersonating her on the internet.

I do not recommend this interview. If interested, you can purchase this on DVD for $9.99 by clicking here


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