Kofi Kingston: HoF


Kofi Kingston has numerous secondary belts and the longest reigning tag tutle run in WWE history.

Obviously Kofi gets a nod for their HoF, my questions are.

1. Could there be a legit claim for him to go in separately from New Day?

2. How soon do you feel an eventual New Day inclusion would be? Sooner or Later.

3. Why the f--- do you keep getting hacked?


PS- The Battleground match was **** easy.

​1. I mean, trying to debate the WWE Hall of Fame inclusions is ridiculous at best, because their criteria is basically "Alive, not on bad terms, fairly big name" at this point. But regardless, if we’re treating it like a "real" Hall, I don’t think there’s a case for him as a single. His title reigns weren’t memorable and I don’t think "half of some really good tag teams" warrants inclusion.

2. Later. They had a long run, but not as a top act or a team that was particularly pushed on the card.

3. Well, obviously if you want a target someone for their money, pick a wrestling blogger. I would have had to just cash in my stock options and sell of a couple of bottles from my wine cellar to pay the ransom anyway.