WWF Superstars of Wrestling – March 24th, 1990

March 24, 1990

From the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon. Jesse is now dressed as the Ultimate Warrior again as he is now picking him to win at WrestleMania VI.

In action this week are the Ultimate Warrior, Rhythm & Blues, Big Bossman, Barbarian, and the Bushwhackers. Plus, comments from Warrior and Hulk Hogan.


Big Bossman vs. Bob Bradley

We hear from Akeem & Slick in an insert promo as Slick calls Bossman a “redneck bully” as they promise to show him what happens to bullies at WrestleMania as Bossman puts Bradley away with a spinebuster (0:42). After the match, Bossman cuffs Bradley to the ropes and hits him with the nightstick then chokes him out.

Thoughts: Odd to see Bossman continue to cuff and beat guys with the nightstick after the match but the fans react well to him as a face anyway.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This is about WrestleMania VI, which is just eight days away. We are shown a video package of the Hogan/Warrior feud. We then hear from Warrior, who tells us Hogan is the light standing in the path of reaching his ultimate destiny. Hogan now tells Warrior he is tired of the “Frankenstein” talk and his threats of injecting the Hulkamaniacs with poison as he promises that Warrior will become nothing but a ghost after WrestleMania VI. Warrior was more restrained than usual here.


Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Bob Allen

Jesse tells us he saw both of Warrior and Hogan’s training camps and that is why he chose Warrior to win. Barbarian boots Allen down as Heenan smiles as we hear him in an insert promo expressing joy in watching his newest client destroy people then Barbarian puts Allen away with a top rope clothesline (1:36).

Thoughts: This is the first TV match for The Barbarian while managed by Heenan. They put him over as a threat as he will be facing Tito Santana at WrestleMania.


Rhythm & Blues w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jerry Monti & Jim Gorman

We hear from Rhythm & Blues and Hart in an insert promo as they tell Robert Goulet he will not be able to follow their new single at WrestleMania. Gorman gets beat down to start. He fights off Valentine enough to tag out but Monti is sent to the mat with an elbow smash then put away with a double back suplex (1:47). After the match, Rhythm & Blues grab their guitars and dance.

Thoughts: The Rhythm & Blues WrestleMania concert was heavily pushed on commentary.


An ad for WrestleMania VI is shown then we return to the ring where Rhythm & Blues are pissed their theme song ended. However, The Bushwhackers come out for their match then march around the ring while Rhythm & Blues are upset on the outside. Hart yells at The Bushwhackers from the apron and provides enough distraction for his team to attack The Bushwhackers from behind with their guitars. They beat on The Bushwhackers with the guitars as Hart is dancing around the ring. Vince is screaming about The Bushwhackers not deserving this then Rhythm & Blues head backstage with their manager. This was a really good segment. It put over Rhythm & Blues as a threat in the vicious way they beat down The Bushwhackers and it got a lot of heat too.


Steve Vega vs. Ultimate Warrior

Jesse laughs over the fact the The Bushwhackers got laid out. Warrior paces around the ring and looks at his hands. Vega tries to attack from behind but gets chopped down. Warrior rolls Vega inside then press slams him to the floor. Warrior heads out and rolls Vega inside after shaking the ropes and gets the win as he drapes the Intercontinental Title belt over Vega’s chest. (1:34).

Thoughts: Warrior destroys another enhancement talent en route to WrestleMania VI.


Brother Love Show with guests Earthquake & Jimmy Hart. Earthquake puts over his size and tells us no one can survive the earthquake. Brother Love then asks him to pick a winner of the Ultimate Challenge and chooses a “natural disaster.” Hart tells Hogan that Earthquake will hit him with a ten on the ricter scale and become the next WWF Champion as Earthquake stomps around on the stage. Its obvious now that Hogan’s post-WrestleMania opponent will be Earthquake.


WrestleMania VI Report with Gene Okerlund.


The Rockers vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Buddy Rose

Vince tells us that Luke is unconscious backstage. The Rockers take control to start. Brawler breaks up a pin attempt as that allows Rose to slam Jannetty. Rose heads up top but Marty pops up and cuts him off. Brawler tags in as we hear from Mr. Fuji & The Orient Express as Fuji promises they will beat The Rockers at WrestleMania. Marty almost puts Brawler away with a crucifix then The Rockers hit Rose with a double flying fist drop for the win (2:18).

Thoughts: This was the first Rockers TV match since they fought each other before the last set of TV tapings. At the time, there was talk of splitting up the team with Marty getting the push but the company decided to keep them together. You could tell there was some bad blood between them personally as they both celebrated separately after this win.


In action next week are Mr. Perfect, Jake Roberts, and Roddy Piper. Plus, the contract signing between Hogan and Warrior from the “Ultimate Challenge” special.


Final Thoughts: The big angle was with Rhythm & Blues while the rest was more WrestleMania VI hype as there is just one more week of TV until the PPV.


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