Network “Special” not so special

I’m a jaded old school fan so I don’t watch the modern product outside Rumble, Mania and Summerfest but does it seem like there are TOO MANY network specials with both Raw and Smackdown running shows each month? Would it help them to scale back to just 12? I can’t imagine even the most die hard fans feel they need to see each show and network subscriber numbers have stayed flat the past year, no?

Isn’t less always more?

​Depends on the financials. We don’t know what exactly the drop-dead point of these shows are (ie, how low do actual PPV buys need to drop before they’re losing money, even with the Network factored in?). Plus generally speaking running a TV or PPV taping is a guaranteed way to increase live attendance on the show, plus you can increase the ticket prices and make more than you would for a standard house show.

Basically, if they were losing money on them, they’d stop, but they’re not. So apparently more is more.​