Mid-South Wrestling – November 18th, 1982

November 18, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

In action this week are Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling, Tony Atlas, Stagger Lee, and Chavo Guerrero


The Grappler & Kelly Kiniski vs. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II

Watts mentions how Mr. Wrestling II recently had a mask destroyed and even found a “hate note” that we will learn more about. Robley & Mr. Wrestling II take control early as the mainly use headlocks. The pace picks up as Mr. Wrestling fires away on The Grappler then Robley tags in and gets a nearfall with a swinging neckbreaker. Mr. Wrestling II & Robley use quick tags to stay in control as they work over Kiniski until Mr. Wrestling II puts him away with the power knee lift (5:13).

Thoughts: Really long and one-sided as the company is pushing Robley & Mr. Wrestling II as the #1 contenders. No idea why The Grapplers are not teaming here especially since Tony Anthony would wrestle as himself later on in the show.


After the match, the ring announcer talks with Mr. Wrestling II and holds the mask he wore next week that’s all ripped apart and the note which reads “this is just the beginning.” Mr. Wrestling II states he minds his own business and does not go out of his way to harm people but is issuing a warning and promises it will be “D-Day” for the person who did this then screams about how this person will pay dearly for their actions. Decent promo here as they are setting up a feud for Mr. Wrestling II.


We are shown clips from last week with Hacksaw Jim Duggan attacking Tony Atlas from behind after challenging to a pushup contest. However, Atlas fought back and busted him open but Duggan was able to wrestle later on and beat his opponent with his head bandaged up.


Marty Lunde vs. “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas

Lunde, the future Arn Anderson, is wearing a singlet here. Atlas overpowers Lunde to start. He works a side headlock after a dropkick as Watts puts over his agility and strength. Lunde lands a few shots in the corner but Atlas fights back and puts him away with a press slam (3:00).

Thoughts: An easy win for Atlas as he will be getting a decent push here too. His physique and agility were on full display and you really saw how much potential he had before drugs ruined his career.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Ted Allen

Allen ducks a wild swing then hammers away but gets knocked down. Duggan hits a slam and overpowers his opponent as Watts talks about his football career. Duggan catches Allen with a backbreaker for a two count and continues to target the back. Duggan cuts off a comeback attempt by Allen and but misses the spear and hits the turnbuckle. Allen sends Duggan into the corner but Duggan hits a spear on the rebound then puts Allen away with a knee drop (3:17).

Thoughts: Duggan’s heel work was really starting to shine in this time period. Good stuff from him here as Watts put over his recklessness.


Joe Gaines vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Kamala immediately attacks Gaines and beats him down as Watts tells us the man who controls Kamala behind the scenes will reveal himself soon. Kamala continues his assault until he gets the win with a pair of splashes (1:00).

Thoughts: The story here is that we will soon find out why Kamala is here and who brought him into the company.


Tony Anthony vs. Chavo Guerrero

Watts puts over Chavo’s skills as he has Anthony in a side headlock. He even brings up how Chavo beat Ernie Ladd four years ago in Los Angeles. Chavo works a surfboard now then switches to the arm. Anthony fights back but Chavo knocks him outside then fakes a dive before taking out Anthony with a pescado. Anthony yanks Chavo off of the apron and heads inside where he tries to bring him back in but Chavo floats over and hits a bridging German suplex for the win (4:12) **.

Thoughts: Chavo continues to impress with his moveset as Watts really put him over on commentary too.


Watts once again talks about if Stagger Lee is unmasked to reveal JYD then JYD will be suspended for an entire year. We are then shown footage from when the show went off the air last week as Stagger Lee was unmasked to reveal someone other than JYD (Ray Candy?) but another Stagger Lee ran out for the save.


Vladic Smirnoff vs. Stagger Lee

Lee goes right to work and knocks Smirnoff outside. He then stomps Smirnoff in the corner then hits a clothesline for the win (0:54).

Thoughts: They already gave up on Smirnoff after a couple of weeks and with good reason becuse despite his size he has shown zero aptitude for pro wrestling.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. King Cobra & Tim Horner

Horner and DiBiase work a criss-cross to start. Horner then hits a pair of arm drags as DiBiase is pissed. DiBiase fights back then tags out as the ref stops Borne from jumping off of the top rope, which Watts points out is illegal in Mid-South. Borne gets worked over in the corner then Cobra clears the ring after hitting a few dropkicks. Things settle down as Horner & Cobra are able to stay in control. DiBiase breaks up a headlock with a back suplex then tags out as Borne hammers away. The champs neutralize Cobra in the corner until he reverses an Irish whip in the corner and tags out. Horner runs wild on DiBiase until whiffing on a dropkick. DiBiase tags out then Borne catches Horner with a powerslam for the win (5:09) **1/2.

Thoughts: Good action in this one. Horner looked really good here as the underdog face team got plenty of time to shine.


Watts tells us that next week we will see Mr. Olympia, Gino Hernandez, and Hiro Matsuda.


Final Thoughts: Nothing here was must-see but they started some new storylines and continuing the Stagger Lee angle too. I also like how they are showcasing the newer talents in the territory as Mid-South continues to put on a quality product.


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