I love lists (part 897)

1. Fan of nakamura, but new to him. Recommendations of his best work?

2. What are the chances of us getting "the beast vs the demon" brock vs. Balor?

3. After seeing the trailer at comic con, might justice League actually be good? Like, really good?

​1. Go to njpwworld.com, search for "Nakamura". I personally LOVE the AJ Styles match from just before he left for WWE, but basically any of the big shows against Tanahashi or Okada are spectacular.

2. It was apparently supposed to happen around Survivor Series before they decided to move up the "Put the title back on Roman Reigns" plan, but maybe it can still go down?

3. Oh…I dunno. I loved Wonder Woman, but Justice League really feels like they’re trying for the Avengers without doing Iron Man and Thor first, ya know? Hopefully Superman won’t be such a sourpuss in this one.​