NWA World Championship Wrestling, October 4, 1986

The Horsemen in action in a six-man tag, and Magnum T.A.’s final match on the TBS program before tragedy strikes.

Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew joins them at the podium. Arn Anderson runs down the long list of those who have been injured at the hands of the Horsemen and says they’re coming after the Rock & Roll Express and their NWA Tag Titles.

To the ring, Magnum T.A. vs. Vernon Deaton. Magnum delivers an arm drag, back drop and belly-to-belly suplex for the quick squash win. Standard fare for Magnum. * (Little did we know, we would never see him competing in the ring on this program again. The car wreck that ended Magnum’s career takes place 10 days later.)

Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke join Tony. Jones talks about Rick Rude joining the Army, and his own attempts to woo Manny Fernandez to the dark side. The Baron says Jones has promised him a shot at Dusty Rhodes’ NWA World TV Title. (Yeah, that never happens. And the Baron soon turns on Jones’ Army, in a very weak face turn before Starrcade. He still got booed at Starrcade because the Baron is a career heel in NWA, despite a face run in the AWA.)

After a break, Jimmy Valiant joins Tony and tells some ridiculous story about spotting Dolly Parton in the crowd last week at the matches in Missouri. Then when he got closer he realized it was two bald-headed men sitting real close together.

To the ring, Manny Fernandez vs. Mike Simani. The Bull hits the flying back elbow and finishes it quickly with the Flying Burrito. 1/2*

Buddy Landell & Bill Dundee join Tony. Dundee claims the hottest movie in the country, “Crocodile Dundee”, is based on his uncle and his family. Dundee adds they’re coming after Sam Houston. (Less than a year ago, Landell was primed for a big feud with Ric Flair and possibly a World Title run. Now he’s feuding with JTTS Sam Houston in the Central States territory.) Landell talks having to take time off for an “attitude adjustment” and says he got millions of letters of fans during that time, begging the “real Nature Boy” to come back.

To the ring, Tim Horner vs. Randy Mulkey. This is Horner’s return to JCP, after some time in the Southeastern (Continental) territory. Horner controls early with headlock takeovers. He delivers a shoulderblock and reapplies the headlock. More mat grappling, followed by a bodyslam. Mulkey takes a huge bump off a back elbow. Mulkey fires back with two punches, more offense than he usually gets in, but Horner responds with a nice powerslam. Horner ends it with a roll-up into a bridge, pinning combination. *1/2

Robert Gibson joins Tony and welcomes the challenge from the Andersons. Gibson invites his good friend Tim Horner over for a quick hello to the fans.

To the ring, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson & Arn Anderson vs. Rocky Kernodle, Bill Tabb and Charles Freeman. Kernodle takes down Arn quickly and tags in Bill Tabb, but the muscular man gets manhandled and rammed into Ole’s knee. The Horsemen work Tabb over in the corner. Ole locks in the stepover armbar. More double-teaming as Tully comes off the ropes onto Tabb’s arm. Blanchard forces Tabb into the corner to tag in Freeman, who gets tossed outside. Arn stomps him on the head from the apron. Back in, Blanchard delivers elbows and tags Ole. A bodyslam followed by a boot to the face from Arn. The younger Anderson quickly tags back in and delivers more punishment. Blanchard tags in and slugs Kernodle & Tabb on the apron, then delivers more punishment to Freeman. Ole reenters and hammers Freeman’s back. They end it with a double-gourdbuster, with Tully assisting Arn. Horsemen dominance. **

After a break, Dusty Rhodes joins Tony. Dusty talks about the Horsemen’s promise to take him out in ’86. He says he’s going to take Ole out. Dusty challenges the Paul Jones Army, which is in the ring getting ready for the next match, to come get some.

Baron Von Raschke & Shaska Whatley w/ Paul Jones vs. Bill Mulkey & Lee Peek. Shaska backdrops Mulkey and slaps him in the face. The Baron tags in and delivers an over-the-knee backbreaker and stomps on the albino-looking jobber. Lee Peek tags in and fares no better. Shaska delivers a “devastating” headbutt. Peek gets dumped outside and Paul Jones puts the boots to him. Shaska executes the superplex to end it. *

Jim Cornette joins Tony at the podium. He brags about putting away the Road Warriors and says the Rock & Roll Express are holding their World Tag Team Titles and lightning will strike them soon. Cornette introduces his team…

Midnight Express vs. Randy Barber & Pablo Crenshaw. Dennis delivers a powerslam on Crenshaw. Patented teamwork as Dennis whips Bobby into Crenshaw for a back elbow. Bobby goes to the top and delivers the flying kneedrop. Dennis helps Crenshaw up and shoves him into the corner to tag in Barber, who gets taken out immediately. They end it with the Rocket Launcher. Quick squash. *

NWA World Champion Ric Flair joins Tony and the champ talks about how great Eaton and Condrey are (one of the few times we ever hear Beautiful Bobby and Loverboy Dennis’ last names). Flair runs down the list of great NWA competitors. Flair talks about the monetary worth of JCP and himself, and shows off his expensive clothes and jewelry. The champ wraps it up by letting everyone know the truth, that he’s the greatest wrestler alive today. WHOO!

Magnum T.A. joins Tony and talks about his annoyance with Jimmy Garvin. Magnum says every time Garvin runs his mouth about what he’s going to do, Magnum comes out but Garvin puts Precious in the way. Magnum says he’s not going to take it anymore.

To the ring, Mid-Atlantic Champion Ron Garvin vs. Gary Royal. Backdrop and knockout punch. Very quick squash. DUD

Jimmy Garvin & Precious come out. Garvin calls Magnum a very sick individual that he should call the authorities on. Garvin says Magnum laid his hands on Precious and he’s not gonna let that happen ever again. Good promo from Garvin. (We don’t ever see what Magnum did to Precious. He spanked her on one of the televised shows after calling out Jimmy Garvin, and instead Precious came to the ring and got in Magnum’s face.)

And that ends this week’s program. Very uneventful, and it was taped before the September 28 show at the Omni that included the merger of the U.S. & National Titles, and the U.S. Tag Team Title tournament. So, we’ll hear all about that next week. This was one of the weaker Saturday night shows they’ve had.