Hitting the Highspots with Tom Prichard

This was filmed in 2015 at the WrestleCade in Winston-Salem, NC

Rob Naylor is your host

It runs at two hours and ten minutes.


They begin by mentioning how they worked together in FCW and NXT.


Rob then asks Prichard about his debut. He said it was October 20, 1979 in Bryan, Texas against El Satanico #2 and even won the match. Prichard also talks about being trained by Iceman King Parsons and how Manny Fernandez, Chavo Guerrero, and Tiger Conway Jr. took him under their wing.


He is then asked about working with his brother Bruce for Paul Boesch in Houston. Prichard said he was selling shoes as a sixteen year old and wanted to work in wrestling his whole life at that point and Boesch saw him and Prichard got a job selling tickets and being a “go-fer” for Boesch. One day he went with a football player who was sent to train with the Iron Sheik. Prichard said that Sheik stretched him out and the football player did not come back after just two weeks but Prichard ended up getting his start after that and went to smaller territories in Los Angeles and Oregon before getting the chance to wrestle Tatsumi Fujinami in Japan.


On Japan, Prichard was with the Wild Samoans, Bobby Duncum, Bad News Brown, Tiger Jeet Singh, and Mr. Ito. He tells a story of one night during a snowstorm they went out to a show then the Wild Samoans were outside and got into a fight where he ended up running towards a police car and kicking it, causing him to get arrested.


Prichard talks about how Don Owen’s brother Elton would encourage guys to “shoot” on each other in the ring but he was smartened up by Buddy Rose and Matt Borne to shake his hand firmly and say yes when asked if he can shoot fight.


We get another story of wrestling in Portland. Prichard said that Borne and Curt Hennig had a competition when it came to “ribbing”people. Elton Owen would smoke cigars and leave it on the dressing room bench then go to the box office. Borne would take the cigar and stick it up his ass and walk around the dressing room for everyone to see then put it back. When Elton came back and started smoking it again, Borne asked how could he smoke cigars to begin with as they tasted like shit.


Rob asks him about working at bowling alleys in Portland as Prichard talks about how they wanted guys who could work at a quick pace and the fans were truly fanatical. He is asked about the girls as Prichard said for a 23 year old guy it was great.


On the Heavenly Bodies, Prichard said that he went to Memphis with Pat Rose and Bobby Fulton gave them the name with Sherri Martel as their manager.


Prichard talks about breaking his ankle but not knowing it at the time. He went to the Days Inn where they were living and he took whatever pills he had left and drank a six-pack while with Billy Travis, Taras Bulba, and Wendell Cooley. He woke up the next day and taped it up then still wrestled for a week where his foot turned black. Sherri took him to the hospital where her roommate, who was a nurse, took an x-ray and he found out it was broken. Prichard could not make money while not working but Sherri and her roommate took him in and he stayed there. While there, he got a call from Brad Armstrong to work in Alabama for the Fuller’s against Tim Horner.


They switch gears to WWE Developmental as Rob says the company fucked over Trent Baretta and Derrick Bateman (EC3) as Prichard adds how they were underused. Both guys then get into how political the company was and how they never let you know what was done wrong. Naylor then talks about how EC3 is made to be a TV wrestler. Prichard then talks about how Baretta was asked to cut a promo in front of the office guys as he circled the ring and said he was better than everyone in the ring before dropping the mic.


Prichard said winning the WWF Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania XII was bittersweet because it took place on the pre-show. He also said they did not have many good teams at the time and the buzz around tag wrestling was not really around as both agree that it has not recovered. Rob talks about how NXT is loaded with good teams at the moment but he cannot even tell you who are the WWE Tag Team champions today.


On the Young Bucks, Prichard said its not his cup of tea as Rob says they know how to connect and are more than just “mindless highspots” while being able to work differently in various promotions. Prichard said its cool for people who want to see that but his problem is they do not sell anything and that style is not going to work for all fans, just a certain type.


They talk about working together in WWE Developmental now. Rob said he was Dusty Rhodes’ creative assistant and that Dusty was tough to work with but did care about you, especially if you were loyal to and said Dusty always brought up Ron Bass and Black Bart being there for him because they were loyal.


Both talk about Norman Smiley being a great trainer who can make you feel confident and relaxed while saying he does get the credit he deserves. Rob says the put the girls without any wrestling experience with him as he was able to deal with them, unlike others.


Prichard is asked about guys he enjoyed working with there. He said Billy Kidman knew his stuff and was a good trainer. He also put over John Cone (referee) and Tyson Kidd. Prichard said that Low Ki took himself way too seriously as Rob jokes that he is the Billy Jack Haynes of the 21st century in that regard.


Rob talks about how when he was there with Prichard it was relaxed but once Bill DeMott took over it changed. Rob said he was a middle-man between the office and the talent and was perceived as a stooge to many guys.


On his favorite three Territories to work, it was Pensacola, Portland, and FCW because he loves training and teaching. Prichard goes into how crappy most wrestling training is and how they steal your money as he does not understanding doing that or brutalizing your trainees so his goal is to make it as good as possible.


They end with Rob saying he wants to have a Part Two.


Final Thoughts: This was a decent listen. However, it was not the most informative of shoot interviews. To be honest, it came off as someone’s third or fourth podcast appearance. They really just skimmed over Prichard’s career and time working in the WWE Developmental system. Even still, these guys have great chemistry and I like Naylor as a host. He’s just loves wrestling and has a lot of knowledge from his years of watching plus spent time working for Dusty in NXT. Overall, its a decent listen but do not expect to hear a ton of information.

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