Revolution Pro Wrestling 2017 British J Cup

July 8, 2017

From the Walthamstow Assembly Hall in Walthamstow, Greater London

Andy Quidlan is your host.


British J Cup First Round Match: Marty Scurll vs. Tiger Mask

Scurll tries to psyche out Tiger Mask but it fails. Tiger backs Scurll into the corner to start. They both trade arm wringers then end up in a stalemate after some mat work. Both guys trade more standing surfboards until Tiger sweeps down Scurll. Scurll cheap shots Tiger and follows with a few chops then manages to block a sunset flip after some theatrics and stays in control of the match. Scurll hits a super kick from the apron then plays up to the crowd. Scurll rolls inside and yells at the ref while Tiger is out on the floor. Tiger rolls inside where Scurll kicks him down then works a strangle hold. Scurll charges in the corner but Tiger sends him into the turnbuckle with a drop toehold. Tiger gets two with a crossbody then after a struggle gets a nearfall with a Tiger Bomb. Scurll hits Tiger with an enziguiri in the corner but gets cut off climbing up top and Tiger takes him off with a butterfly suplex as Scurll manages to kick out. Tiger lands a few kicks but Scurll fakes him out with a low super kick then a brainbuster on the knee for a nearfall. Scurll tries to put on the chicken wing but Tiger escapes. However, Scurll breaks the fingers and rolls him up with the Mouse Trap for the win (11:55) **1/4.

Thoughts: This match was okay. Despite his heel antics the crowd loves Scurll. Tiger Mask didn’t show much here but is at least competent in the ring. Lots of playing up to the crowd here.


British J Cup First Round Match: Josh Bodom vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Bodom boots Liger before the bell. He hits a spin kick for a two count as the crowd chants for Liger. Bodom mocks Liger then hits a top rope double stomp to his back. Bodom heads back up top but Liger cuts him off and they trade forearm strikes until Liger hits a superplex. Liger then hits a corner clothesline and a Liger Bomb but Bodom kicks out so he hits a brainbuster and that gets Liger the win (2:21) *1/2. Bodom is pissed then leaves as Liger stands tall. Bodom then bullies the referee and the announcers.

Thoughts: Fine while it lasted and its fun to see a jerk like Bodom get some comeuppance. The crowd enjoyed this a lot.


British J Cup First Round Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. KUSHIDA

These two feel each other out to start with some strong mat work. They mock each other with hip swivels while blocking sunset flips then KUSHIDA starts working the arm. KUSHIDA hits a basement dropkick but O’Reilly takes him down with an ankle lock after a hip toss. KUSHIDA clutches his leg as O’Reilly hits a Dragon Screw. O’Reilly stomps the leg as the crowd engages in a dueling chant. KUSHIDA lands a few kicks to the arm but eats boot on a charge then O’Reilly grapevines the leg after a shinbreaker. KUSHIDA comes back with an armbreaker from the apron then climbs up top but O’Reilly knocks him to the floor with a forearm smash. O’Reilly grabs a chair and places it int the aisle were he places KUSHIDA then tries a running attack but KUSHIDA gets up and hits a drop toehold. KUSHIDA then places another chair in front of a seated O’Reilly then proceeds to run from the other end of the building and leap off of the chair to hit a missile dropkick. KUSHIDA pumps up the crowd then the action heads back inside where he attacks the arm of O’Reilly. He goes for a moonsault but O’Reilly catches him with a triangle hold. O’Reilly then transitions to an ankle lock and grapevines the leg. KUSHIDA manages to reach the ropes then the two kick each other’s injured body parts until O’Reilly hits a vicious knee strike to the face. KUSHIDA escapes from a brainbuster attempt then sends O’Reilly into the corner with an exploder as both men are down. O’Reilly manages to block the Back to the Future with a guillotine but KUSHIDA bites his way out then puts on the Hoverboard Lock. O’Reilly gets out of that and locks on a sleeper then hits a capture suplex. O’Reilly struggles to get up then both men trade strikes until O’Reilly hits a brainbuster. KUSHIDA is just able to kick out as both men are down on the mat. The crowd chants “This is awesome” then KUSHIDA comes back with a Sliced Bread for a two count. O’Reilly boots KUSHIDA in the face then both men fight up top where KUSHIDA puts on the Hoverboard Lock then takes O’Reilly off and maintains the hold. O’Reilly breaks out after multiple knee strikes but KUSHIDA is able to keep on the hold long enough to hit the Back to the Future for the win (21:28) ****1/4. Both men shake hands and hug after the match.

Thoughts: A tremendous match with a great finishing sequence. KUSHIDA is one of the best workers in the world at this point and O’Reilly is right up there too. The best first round match and something to seek out as these two never disappoint together.


British J Cup First Round Match: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Will Ospreay 

Ospreay uses a few butt attacks after some back-and-forth stuff. Ospreay mocks Taguchi with his own taunts but gets kicked down as Taguchi is now in control. Ospreay hits a dropkick after an Irish whip sequence then takes a Red Bull from someone in the crowd and pours it down Taguchi’s throat as they do some comedy with Taguchi becoming hyper and running the ropes until he falls down from exhaustion. Ospreay covers for two but Taguchi blocks a sunset flip and sits down on Ospreay with his tights pulled down for a two count. Taguchi then hits a butt smash before hitting Ospreay with a tope con hilo with his pants still down past his ass. Taguchi walks around then heads inside where he finally pulls up his pants. Taguchi stretches Ospraey out for a bit but Ospreay comes back with a kick as both men are down. Ospreay is up first and runs wild but Taguchi floats over on a back suplex and hits a Blue Thunder Driver for a two count. Taguchi hits a springboard hip attack but Ospreay fights back then hits a Spanish Fly for a nearfall before the Oscutter gets the win (13:27) **1/2.

Thoughts: This match was solid and probably more fun to watch live with all of the comedy that took place. Their match at this year’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors was better but this was still enjoyable.


Josh Wall & Kurtis Chapman vs. Tempura Boyz

Komatsu and Wall start things off. Komatsu cheap shots Wall after a handshake then hammers away. Wall fights back then tags out as Tanaka gets hit with a few double-team moves. Komatsu trips up Chapman, who gets dropkicked to the floor. The Tempura Boyz work over the back of Chapman then Komatsu targets the arm after slapping him around. Chapman is put in a backslide but is able to turn around as The Tempura Boyz have some miscommunication. Chapman takes Komatsu down with an enziguiri and goes for a tag but Tanaka yanks Wall off of the apron. Chapman then breaks free and tags out as Wall runs wild. Tanaka breaks up the pin after a moonsault as the match breaks down. Chapman takes the Tempura Boyz down with a somersault senton but the Tempura Boyz end up working him over. Wall fights off his opponents but gets caught with a pumphandle driver then the Tempura Boyz almost put Chapman away then Tanaka hits a package piledriver for the win (9:33) **.

Thoughts: The Tempura Boyz did a fine job and Chapman is technically sound despite appearing to weigh about 120 lbs. Wall, however, did not show much of anything and the match just didn’t work for me.


Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI vs. CCK

CCK is Travis Banks & Chris Brookes. This is a non-title match as CCK are the Tag Team Champions. Daryl, Takahashi’s stuffed cat is really over here.  BUSHI attacks Brookes from behind but Brookes fights back. CCK double-team Takahashi for a bit until BUSHI trips up Brookes from the outside. They put Brookes in a double submission hold for a bit then BUSHI works a crossface. Brookes escapes then hits a missile dropkick as both men are down. Banks tags in but is immediately double-teamed. Banks fights back with kicks then hits both men with double uppercuts. Banks hits both guys with a cannonball then CCK hit coast-to-coast dropkicks. BUSHI comes back to dropkick Banks in midair but Banks fights off Takahashi and tags out. Brookes hits Takahashi with a knee strike then almost puts him away with a slingshot cutter. Takahashi breaks up a double-team move as the match breaks down. CCK end up hitting Takahashi with a Magic Killer but BUSHI breaks up the pin attempt. Takahashi hits Banks with a low blow then BUSHI mists him for the DQ (8:31) **1/4. Kid Lykos then runs out for the save and clears the ring as he is the third member of CCK.

Thoughts: I was disappointed with this match. The LIJ guys did nothing but the most basic heel work and they just started to get going when the finish happened. Looks like they might be building to another LIJ vs. CCK match in the future.


Matt Riddle vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Riddle and Ishii start off by chopping each other. They trade German suplexes and pop right up before chopping each other some more. Riddle hits a few running forearm strikes then deadlifts Ishii for a gutwrench. Senton gets two but soon after that Ishii catches him with a powerslam. Ishii beats on Riddle in the corner but Riddle is able to hit an upkick then the Bro to Sleep. Riddle gets two with a deadlift German suplex but Ishii fights back and hits a brainbuster for two. Ishii hits a Saito suplex after ducking a kick then they fight up top until Ishii hits a super delayed suplex for two. Both men slowly get up and trade strikes until Riddle hits a teardrop suplex. They trade strikes until falling down then do it again as these two are going all out. They go back-and-forth until Riddle hits a jumping tombstone for a two count. Fisherman’s buster gets two but Ishii comes back with a brainbuster and gets the win (11:47) ****1/4. After the match they get a standing ovation.

Thoughts: This match was nuts. They went all out here at an incredible pace. My only complaint was the finish, which I felt was really weak but everything was awesome. The crowd loved the match and I hope these guys face off again in the future. Another match to seek out.


Quidlan introduces British wrestling legend Marty Jones to the crowd. He will introduce the J Cup trophy to the winner. The volume was low and it was tough to hear what he was saying.


British J Cup Finals: Marty Scurll vs. Jushin Thunder Liger vs. KUSHIDA vs. Will Ospreay

Scurll pushes all three men then taunts the crowd but ends up getting booted in the face by Ospreay, who flies out with a tope. KUSHIDA and Liger shake hands then take it to the mat where Liger works the leg. Liger catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Ospreay runs in to beat on Liger. The ref is accidentally knocked down so Scurll grabs his umbrella and whacks Liger before giving to Ospreay. KUSHIDA sees this and thinks Ospreay laid out his mentor and takes him down with a rolling elbow and stomps away. Scurll tells KUSHIDA that Ospreay does not respect veterans as both men stomp a mudhole in the corner. Ospreay fights back and takes then down with a handspring attack then springboards off of KUSHIDA’s back to take Scurll down with a hurricarana. Ospreay avoids KUSHIDA, who inadvertently nails Scurll off of the apron, and gets two with a standing sky twister. KUSHIDA catches Ospreay with an armbreaker then is able to hit a rolling elbow. KUSHIDA is able to take Ospreay down with a bridging suplex while having Scurll in a reverse rollup as that gets two. We get a Tower of Doom spot then Ospreay hits KUSHIDA with the Oscutter but Scurll tosses him out and eliminates KUSHIDA with the mouse trap (8:13). Scurll takes out Liger again then Ospreay flies out with a Fosbury Flop as Scurll pushes Liger in his way. Ospreay beats on Scurll inside of the ring until Scurll catches him with the Final Cut for a two count. Scurll hits Liger with a super kick from the apron then blows snots on him and taunts the crowd but Ospreay lands a few kicks then they work an insane Irish whip sequence ending with Ospreay hitting the Stundog Millionaire. Both men are down with Liger still on the outside. Scurll is up first and hits Liger with another super kick but Ospreay kicks him down. Scurll comes back with the Crossroads then the Essex Destroyer and Oscutter but cannot put Ospreay away with his own moves. Scurll boots Liger off of the apron but Ospreay cuts off a chicken wing attempt then gets a nearfall with a clothesline. Scurll blocks an Oscutter then shoves Ospreay into the referee and grabs the umbrella. Ospreay ducks a swing and kicks Scurll down then grabs the umbrella but Scurll ducks as Ospreay accidentally whacks Liger and Scurll puts Ospreay in the Mouse Trap for the pin (17:32). We are down to Liger and Scurll, who puts Liger in a surfboard. Liger comes back to catch Scurll with a clothesline then puts him up top for a hurricarana as that gets two. The crowd gets behind Liger as he places Scurll up top again for a superplex. Scurll comes back with the Mouse Trap though but Liger kicks out. Scurll hits a super kick then tries to lock on the chicken wing but Liger gets out and hits a brainbuster for the win (23:00) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really good match. The story was Scurll using his heel antics to put everyone away with the Mouse Trap and how he kept Liger on the outside the entire time but ended up falling short at the end. Liger did not do much here but it was fun to see a legend like him winning and the best part of the match was Scurll vs. Ospreay. A nice feel-good moment to end the show.


After the match, Jones presents Liger with the trophy. Bodom comes out and attacks Liger then stares down Jones, who takes off his jacket and attacks but Bodom kicks him into the ropes. Bodom bails after the rest of the locker room runs out. The show ends with everyone posing in the ring.


Final Thoughts: We had two excellent matches and a great end to the tournament. A few of the matches were disappointing but the top matches are worth going out of your way to see. I recommend the show, which you can view with a RevPro monthly subscription by clicking here



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