Chris Candido – Clique Member

Hi Scott,

In the Action Zone recap, they mention that HHH & Chris Candido came in at about the same time, which makes me wonder something: How different would the WWE be right now if Candido had been in with the Clique instead of HHH?

Candido, at that point, was a worlds better worker than HHH and probably would’ve been shielded from the Bodydonnas treatment he ended up getting. HHH, not the most impressive figure at that point, would’ve probably floundered as a blue-blood and eventually jumped back to WCW, living out his career as a Ray Traylor-type journeyman.

Hell, once the Tammy/HBK "encounters" started up, combined with the attitude era, IMAGINE how crazy that would’ve been.


If you don’t think Vince isn’t gonna push Hunter over Candido 99 times out of 100, I dunno what to tell you. Candido was pretty much brought along as luggage with Sunny and Hunter was a project from day one, given a gimmick of being Vince’s snobbish neighbor.