Jason Jordan goes on Raw or Smackdown next week to officially break up American Alpha, stating that now that he knows his true wrestling pedigree (no pun intended), he can’t waste his time being a low-card tag team member as clearly, considering how great he must be because of his dad, Gable is the weak link.

Gable confronts Jordan and challenges him to a match at SummerSlam where Gable beats Jordan fairly easily. Gable makes a comment to some interviewer about how maybe Angle’s greatness is a bit overhyped considering how his son couldn’t even hang with him. This brings forth Angle, or Jordan, to issue a challenge for Angle vs. Gable.

If, by chance, WWE sees a legitimate star in Chad Gable, especially if moreso than Jason Jordan, it would be worth making Jordan look bad for a bit to try and make Gable into a star. The guy has been compared to Kurt Angle ever since he showed up in NXT. So, to me, the only logical reason for Jason Jordan to be inserted into this storyline is to get to this match and strap the rocket to Gable.

Make any sense?

Jason Jordan is a black hole of charisma. They should just have a match where the winner gets to be Angle’s actual illegitimate child.