WWF Superstars of Wrestling – March 17th, 1990

March 17, 1990

From the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon. Jesse is once again back to wearing Hulk Hogan merchandise and rips off the shirt then poses like the Hulkster as the running bit of him flip-flopping with his WrestleMania VI main event predictions.

In action this week are Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes, Bad News Brown, Brutus Beefcake, and Jim Duggan. Plus, comments from Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior and the WrestleMania VI report.


Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Terry Zeller

We get an insert of a “WWF Magazine” article about Beefcake’s WrestleMania match against Mr. Perfect as Beefcake takes control of the match. Beefcake then signals for the sleeper and struts around before hitting mounted punches in the corner. Jesse talks about how he is picking Hogan at WrestleMania as last week’s pick of the Ultimate Warrior did not count as Beefcake gets the win with a sleeper (2:50). After the match, Zeller gets a haircut.

Thoughts: They put over the Beefcake/Perfect match at WrestleMania and Vince ragged on Jesse for changing his prediction yet again.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We are shown clips from last week’s Hogan vs. Dino Bravo match, highlighting the Earthquake’s attack after the match then Warrior making the save and nearly attacking Hogan from behind before running away. Now, we hear from Hogan as he tells us he does not know if Warrior was trying to make the save or get a closer look but whatever it was he did not like the feeling and felt the darkness. We hear from Warrior now as he speaks to his hands i they are the “Warriors “and says to fulfill their destiny they must protect Hogan until WrestleMania. Warrior was a bit less insane here than he has been the past two weeks. If they had to sell this feud on promos alone, it would have bombed. Luckily, the intrigue of champion vs. champion was huge as was the fact both men were well protected through booking.


An ad for WrestleMania airs that tells us to order the show on PPV.


Bad News Brown vs. Stephen DeLeon

Bad News attacks before the bell and stays in control. We then hear from Bad News in an insert promo as he tells Piper he cannot stand a “skirt-wearing sissy.” Bad News chokes out DeLeon on the mat and soon after that hits the Ghetto Blaster for the win (2:08). After the match, Bad News attacks DeLeon in the corner.

Thoughts: Your typical Bad News squash as his feud with Piper is being pushed.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Pez Whatley

Whatley sends DiBiase into the corner but runs into an elbow smash. DiBiase hits a suplex then yells at Jake Robertsinto the camera and asks if he is watching. DiBiase tosses Whatley outside as we hear from him in an insert promo as he promises to reclaim the Million Dollar Title. Back to the match as DiBiase stays in control then puts Whatley away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:42).

Thoughts: Another entertaining squash match by DiBiase here as he is on a mission to reclaim the Million Dollar Title from Jake at WrestleMania.


Dusty Rhodes w/ Sapphire vs. Darryl Nickel

Dusty & Sapphire are in an insert promo telling Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri that they are ready for them at WrestleMania VI. Dusty slams Nickel as Jesse is ragging on Sapphire on commentary then Dusty gets the win with his bionic elbow drop (1:28). Vince then talks about how Sapphire was wrestling in a mask while in Japan as Jesse says she should wear one here too.

Thoughts: More hype for the WrestleMania mixed tag match with Jesse once again making fun of Sapphire on commentary.


Brother Love Show with guests Bobby Heenan and the Colossal Connection. Heenan tells us they have a problem in Demolition because they have the belts. However, Heenan has the problem solver and promises the belts will stay in the Heenan Family. The Colossal Connection agree with Andre telling Demolition they will remain ex-champions.


WrestleMania VI Report with Gene Okerlund. We get a rundown of the matches then hear from celebrities that will be part of the show such as Steve Allen, Rona Barrett (who promises to tell us about Miss Elizabeth’s whereabouts), and Robert Goulet, who will be singing “Oh Canada.”


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Black Knight

Before the match, Black Knight tries a sneak attack on the outside but gets hit with the 2×4. Duggan rolls Knight inside as the crowd chants “USA.” Duggan stays in control as the announcers talk about his WrestleMania match against Dino Bravo then we hear from Bravo himself in an insert promo yelling about how he has the home advantage in Canada. Duggan now grabs a front facelock then a chinlock before the Three Point Stance gets the win (2:39).

Thoughts: The crowd is still into Duggan but its clear he is being moved down the card at this point as he is facing Bravo at WrestleMania.


In action next week are The Bushwhackers, Big Bossman, Rhythm & Blues, and the Ultimate Warrior. Plus comments from Hogan and Warrior then Earthquake as the guest on the “Brother Love Show.”


Final Thoughts: At this point they’ve done about all of the WrestleMania VI hype they need for the show. The top matches have some momentum while the undercard is forgettable and barely pushed at all. Regardless, the main event is still a huge deal as the show is just over two weeks away.


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