Mid-South Wrestling – November 11th, 1982

November 11, 1982

Boyd Pierce is your host

This week, we have Stagger Lee vs. Matt Borne. Also, Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Kelly Kiniski, Tony Atlas, Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II, King Cobra vs. Jim Duggan, and Chavo Guerrero vs. The Grappler


Bill Watts is at ringside with Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne. They are upset because they say Stagger Lee is the Junkyard Dog, who was supposed to leave Mid-South for 90 days. Watts then asks DiBiase if he knows the identity of The Grappler and Mr. Wrestling II and said he did not know who the masked gorilla was a few weeks ago until they took off the mask. DiBiase says the match where he won the tag team titles was No Disqualification and what Duggan did was within the rules as he talks about borrowing that bit from Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard in Houston. After that we get Stagger Lee’s debut from last week where he beat DiBiase, who tells Watts to watch the man again and you can see Lee moved around just like JYD. Watts then talks about both Junkyard Dog & Stagger Lee spotting Tony Atlas, who was attempting to bench press 500lbs, then we see the video footage. Lee is smaller than the person we saw under the mask last week but JYD said he will be spending the next 90 days traveling to the arenas to support Lee. DiBiase then says there is something going on here and convinced Lee is JYD but will not know until the mask comes off and Borne will beat him tonight and they will take off his mask as Watts reiterates if JYD is in fact revealed to be Lee he’ll be suspended for one year. They have giving us a storyline for the rest of JYD’s suspension with Borne and DiBiase trying to unmask Lee and reveal JYD so he can get suspended for an entire year and remove him from Mid-South for a very long time. They also were able to cast a little bit of doubt as to whether or not JYD was Stagger Lee too, amazingly enough.


Vladic Smirnoff vs. Tony Atlas

These two end in a stalemate as Watts puts over the training wrestlers go through and how its a demanding profession. Atlas works the arm now as Watts puts over his strength before talking about as long as Borne & DiBiase can prove JYD is Lee before January 27th then JYD will be suspended for one year. Atlas hits a press slam and follows with a headbutt from the middle rope for the win (2:47).

Thoughts: Atlas was still agile in this point of his career. Smirnoff was given a push for a couple of weeks but clearly did not have what it takes to be effective and has quickly been relegated to enhancement work.


Matt Borne w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Stagger Lee

Borne immediately attacks Lee and goes for the mask. Lee slips outside where Borne follows and rolls him back inside. Borne still cannot get the mask off as he has Lee on the ground. DiBiase is up on the apron as Lee fights back. Borne comes back with a slam then climbs up top and hits a sitdown splash then once again goes for the mask but another Stagger Lee runs in and cleans house as the fans go mental (2:29).

Thoughts: I do not know who was the Stagger Lee that started the match but the fans lost their minds when the second one came out.


Tony Anthony & Marty Lunde vs. Col. Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II

Anthony bails after being taken down with a hip toss. Robley is in now and works the arm of Anthony as Watts talks about someone messed with Mr. Wrestling II’s mask. Lunde tags in and gets his arm worked over by both men. Anthony is back in but quickly put away with a power knee lift from Mr. Wrestling II (2:43).

Thoughts: It looks like they are putting Robley & Mr. Wrestling II in a team now as the two got put over strong. Lunde, the future Arn Anderson, barely did anything here as Anthony was the one getting destroyed for most of the match.


Kelly Kiniski vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

This match is billed as the “Battle of the Big Canadians.” These guys start off in a stalemate as Watts puts over their toughness. Sharpe avoids a dropkick then hits a slam as Watts is now talking about the skills of Chavo Guerrero. Kiniski fights back and gets two with a slam. Elbow drop gets two. Sharpe fights back and sends Kiniski into the corner with a forearm smash then tries for the piledriver but Kiniski drives him into the corner. They go back-and-forth until Kiniski gains the upper hand. Sharpe leapfrogs Kiniski and comes back with a lariat for the win (4:15) **.

Thoughts: The action was decent here. Both guys worked and hit hard as Sharpe gets a win a few weeks after losing the Louisiana Heavyweight Title.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. King Cobra

Cobra clears the ring after running wild as that excites the crowd. Duggan comes back in and fires away in the corner then gets two with a knee drop. Cobra misses a dropkick then Duggan hits him with a shoulderbreaker for a nearfall then they mistime a corner sunset flip spot before Duggan gets dropkicked in the corner. Cobra then tries for a crossbody but gets speared in midair in another sloppy spot as that gets the win (2:36).

Thoughts: A win to put Duggan over strong but these two really struggled near the end.


The Grappler vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo uses a flying headscissors as the crowd applauds. He works a reverse chinlock now while tying up the legs then uses a bow-and-arrow hold. Grappler fights back and hits an atomic drop for a two count. Chavo hammers away now then uses a monkey flip. Springboard splash gets two. Grappler gets his knees up on a splash attempt then loads his boot but Chavo avoids the stomp then dropkicks him out of the ring. Chavo flies out with a tope as Watts goes out of his mind then heads back in the ring and tries to take off Grappler’s boot but fails then hammers away as we run out of time (4:04) **1/4.

Thoughts: Chavo looked great in this match and the fans took a liking to him. Watts also put him over strong on commentary.


Final Thoughts: The big news here is the added twist to the Stagger Lee storyline, which means about three more months of the storyline. How they’ve gone about the angle has been brilliant if you ask me. The action was solid for the most part too as this territory continues to excite.


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