Ratings and viewers + isn’t Vince a failure?

Hey, Scott got some questions for you.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez have talked about two things that strike me as very troublesome – Raw’s viewership is down something like 40% and their average viewer is over 40 – what are your thoughts on why this is? What can they do to turn this around? I know they are sitting on a lot of money but this sounds a bit like what happened to WCW. At what point do they really need to worry?

Vince McMahon has created four major superstars during his time running the WWE – Autin, Rock, Hogan, & Cena. Given the hundreds of guys he’s had under his employment, isn’t he, statistically, pretty bad at making wrestlers legitimate stars? And what does it say about him that 3 of the 4 guys were on their way out the door or terribly booked for many years before catching on?


The thing with creating Austin level guys is that you really only NEED one. Plus that’s a better track record than any other promoters in history anyway.

As for the ratings, the industry is changing and I don’t know that you CAN introduce younger and newer viewers to the Great Wall of China that is RAW. How is a casual fan supposed to watch three hours a week of that without killing themselves? They don’t even have good introductory shows like Superstars outside of the Network. It’s a very insulated audience model and it’s kind of scary.