Worst Horseman, 20 years later

Hi Scott,

So with the Observer Recaps and Nitro Recaps "syncing up" with Roma and Mongo’s respective Horsemen runs, curious if you have an opinion on which one was actually the worst? Mongo got a lot of hate during his run, not undeservedly so, but most people I knew who were slagging him only started getting into WCW long after Roma stunk up the joint. I always thought Mongo was worse in the ring, but at least had enough familiarity with the audience to get them to buy in a bit. Roma was a better worker, but such an awkward experiment, having been he WWE job guy for so long.

After all this time and perspective, what say you?

As always, keep up the great work!

​Oh man, Roma was a disaster on every level, he "wins" hands down. Mongo at least understood his role and fit the part; Roma was just a guy teaming with Arn Anderson.​