What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – April 8, 1995

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are doing commentary and they are taped from Glen Falls, New York, the home of Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

Opening Contest:  Men on a Mission (6-1) beat Buck Quartermaine & Bill Payne after Mabel pins Payne after a belly-to-belly suplex at 2:29

Mabel mocks the old Men on a Mission rap on the way to the ring, basically communicating to the fans that the days of Men on a Mission doing that type of entrance is over.  Just like he did on RAW, Mabel makes his presence felt and carries the bout for his team.  McMahon says it is only a matter of time before Men on a Mission collide with the Smoking Gunns.

Jim Ross recaps the events that took place at WrestleMania XI.  He reminds us to order the Encore Plus presentation on Tuesday.

Aldo Montoya is shown getting ready to face Jeff Jarrett in a non-title match on today’s show back in the locker room.

Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett promises to give Aldo Montoya the wrestling lesson of his life.

McMahon hypes the house that can be won if you enter the In Your House contest.

The 1-2-3 Kid (2-1) pins Mike Khoury after a Northern Lights suplex at 2:01:

The Kid’s future program appears to be against Jarrett and the Roadie based on how he tried to help Razor Ramon at WrestleMania, although the company also keeps reminding fans of his partnership with Bob Holly.  Khoury gets in some brief offense at the beginning, but the Kid unleashes his fast kicks and obtains a victory in a little over two minutes.

WWF Champion Diesel offering Shawn Michaels a rematch on Monday Night RAW is shown, as well as Sid’s turn against Michaels when Michaels took Diesel’s advice to exclude Sid from ringside for their rematch.  Footage of Sid’s attack on Michaels, which took place during the commercial break on RAW, is shown as Sid gave Michaels three powerbombs before Diesel made the save.  Michaels then proceeded to do a stretcher job after the show went off the air.  McMahon says that Michaels suffered a back injury and will be out of action for a while.

Stephanie Wiand recaps the WWF Fan Festival before WrestleMania.

The WrestleMania celebrities say that they loved being at the show.

Mantaur (w/Jim Cornette) (10-1) beat Rich Meyers after a powerslam at 2:07:

Meyers does a good job trying to maneuver around Mantaur, but his flying body press of the top is caught and he is spiked into the canvas for the loss.  Cornette’s association with Mantaur is pretty strange since he is also managing Owen Hart and Yokozuna but Mantaur is having no interaction with those other two talents.

Aldo Montoya says he does not care that his match with Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett is non-title because if he wins that means Jarrett will have to give him a title match.  Jarrett interrupts the interview and pushes Montoya, triggering a pull apart brawl when WWF officials get involved.

McMahon recaps Alundra Blayze beating Bull Nakano for the WWF Women’s title on RAW and how Blayze was attacked by a mysterious woman after the bout.  We are told that Blayze suffered a broken nose and will be out of action for a while too as the WWF’s disabled list continues to grow.

Non-Title Match:  Aldo Montoya (5-2) defeats Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Champion w/The Roadie) (7-4) after lifting his shoulder out of a double pin situation at 5:07:

Based on the booking they are giving Jarrett a Honky Tonk Man run with the title, with him narrowly avoiding defeat in title matches thanks to timely interference from the Roadie or other wrestlers that he has angered on the roster.  However, the crowd is not reacting to him at Honky Tonk Man levels, which reflects Jarrett’s struggles to beat anyone of merit since The Royal Rumble.  His problems continue here as he puts on a decent television match with Montoya but fails to lift his shoulder before the count of three in a double pin situation and ends up losing his third straight match.  This will presumably allow Montoya to get a title shot later.  Rating:  **

McMahon says that Michaels is suffering from a vertebrae or disc problem and that will inhibit his return to the ring in the near future.

Jean-Pierre LaFitte pins Scott Taylor after Le Cannonball at 3:51:

LaFitte is the new gimmick of Carl Ouellet, who wrestled as Pierre of the Quebecers in 1993 and 1994.  As noted in a previous vignette, he is playing the gimmick to pay homage to the former pirate LaFitte, a family relative, who was wronged by America and he is going to avenge this by taking over the WWF.  This is a pretty slow, dull squash, with McMahon and Lawler talking more about Alundra Blayze and McMahon accidentally revealing the first name of Blayze’s attacker as “Bertha” even though he told us earlier in the show that we still have no idea who attacked the WWF Women’s Champion.  Despite the poor nature of the squash, LaFitte does have a cool finisher, cannonballing off the top rope into a senton bomb, which does get a reaction from the crowd.

Ross emphasizes that we need to watch the Encore Plus presentation of WrestleMania XI.

Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie come out, with McMahon demanding that Jarrett give Aldo Montoya a title shot because even though Montoya has not beaten a lot of name stars he has defeated Jarrett.  Before Jarrett can get around to answering McMahon, the show ends.

Tune in next week to see the Smoking Gunns square off against Hakushi & Kwang, who are billed as “The Shoguns”!

The Last Word:  WWF television was marching at a good pace until WrestleMania but this show was fell flat, with boring squashes from the heel side of the roster.  We are about five weeks away from In Your House so a lot of the talent is grinding their wheels before the matches for that show are set in stone.

Up Next:  The Action Zone for April 9, 1995!