Drawing power of Hulk Hogan in 1993

Hi Scott,

Greeting from The Netherlands.

In the latest Observer Flashbacks you write about the drawing power of Hulk in 1993, which wasn’t there. What happened? Was it because he was just doing tag-team matches?

Because if I recall correct, he did good business a year later in WCW. Or didn’t he do houseshows over there? Maybe you can explain a bit.

​WCW didn’t really run house shows until later in Hogan’s WCW run, so you can’t compare that aspect. Hogan did improve their PPV business drastically, though.

​As for his star power diminishing in the WWF, it was a combination of a couple of things. First, WWF fans were just tired of seeing him on top and wanted something new. Second, and more importantly, no one wanted to see Hogan & Beefcake v. Money Inc as a main event. Essentially you were asking the fans to pay ticket money just because Hogan would be there and not to see a specific match that they wanted, and that was a complete failure because it wasn’t 1986 any longer. Things might have picked up when they started running the Hogan v. Yokozuna singles matches, but he was gone before we knew the answer one way or the other. ​