’90s Cable Access Wrestling Show in Portland, Oregon

Hey Scott,

Thanks again for forwarding this email to me. I was able to do an interview with him, and he ended up writing a pretty nice article for a local Portland newspaper. There’s an online version here: http://www.wweek.com/sports/2017/07/11/in-the-90s-two-portland-teenagers-aired-old-wwf-matches-now-they-have-a-treasure-trove-of-wrestling-archives/

Wrestling-Archive.jpg In the ’90s, Two Portland Teenagers Aired Old WWF Matches. Now, They Have a Treasure Trove of Wrestling Archives
The early ’90s were a bad time to be a pro-wrestling fan in Oregon.

Would you mind sharing on your blog? I think some fans will get a kick out of it.


​​Wow, that kind of thing would NEVER, ever fly today. Vince would swoop in like Disney going after a daycare.