WWE Slam Crate #5: Stables!

Oh hey, it’s time for another WWE-themed box of stuff!

As always, Rosalie is excited to tear it open and take pictures, so let’s check it out!

So the theme for this time is “Stables”, as a lot of these are increasingly a stretch to find some connecting thing.  First up this time, it’s this thing…

It’s a tube of something.  So you break the vacuum seal and you get…

A New Day foam finger!  Even my wife was like “Oh, that’s cute, it’s the New Day and they like unicorns for some reason”.  So that’s actually pretty cool and a neat little addition.  It does raise disturbing questions about genetic mutation and what you’d do with a unicorn horn for a finger, but that’s above my pay grade.

Next up, the t-shirt…

Yeah, it’s Sasha Banks, and this is pretty annoying because the box is supposed to be part of the “Stables” theme.  So what “stable” is Banks a part of?  Why, the Four Horsewomen, according to the book that comes with this.  You know, that famous stable that never once appeared on TV as a part of a wrestling storyline and only “inside” fans even know or care about.  Anyway, the shirt’s pretty cool.

Next up, the highlight of any collection, a HHH figure!

Now, this is supposed to be about stables, specifically about HHH as a part of DX, but this ain’t that.

See, that’s good ol’ sledgehammer HHH from 2002, holding down the midcard and marrying Stephanie.  Although there’s apparently four of these figures coming, and the ring pieces snap together to make one full-sized ring, which is pretty neat.  Here’s HHH and last month’s Austin figure sharing their half of a ring.

Aw, look at how well they’re getting along.  Next time is Undertaker, though, so I’m sensing some fireworks imminent!

Speaking of fireworks, it’s the best gift anyone could get…SOCKS!

Yes, it’s an honest-to-god pair of Bray Wyatt socks, with one foot saying “Follow” and the other saying “The Buzzards.”  I wore these.  They were OK, but a little tight because they’re more intended for the 6 end of the “6-13” size range.  Bray ended up stretched out to look even bigger than he has been lately.

Now, for the winning piece of the set, the pin:

Oh yeah, that’s an nWo title belt pin.  Hot damn!  Whoever’s doing these is a nerd after my own heart.

Finally, a booklet about all the stables featured this time:

And an insert that folds out into a poster of the Shield, because god knows they haven’t squeezed enough blood out of THAT stone yet:

Pretty good box this time, but I can’t even with this Four Horsewomen stuff.

As always, if you’re interested in checking this out for yourself, head over to Loot Crate with the following link:


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