Hey Scott,

I had 2 quick takeaways from the show where the fiery balls were great and wanted to get your thoughts:
1) Has there ever been a time in WWE where the heels have consistently gone over in pretty much every match several PPVs in a row?
2) How did they do everything right with Strowman while doing everything wrong with Reigns? The booking of each guy is even more glaring when they are in a long-term feud with each other.

​1. To be fair, the house shows all feature babyfaces going over 9 times out of 10, so it’s mostly just a glaring problem on PPV because the writers don’t really know how to tell a coherent story.

2. Because Vince understands exactly how to get a character like Strowman over and is able to help him get better, whereas Reigns has never even had a solidly defined character that people can grasp easily and/or relate to.​