Wasted opportunities

Hey Scott,

Like you I thought the Alexa elbow thing was totally wasted (although my buddy told me she did it already on Smackdown – having not seen it, I was totally sold on it). Seemed to me they wasted some other big opportunities. Is Joe now somewhat tarnished? Felt like they had a chance to really cement him as the next monster but now he just feels like another guy. Finally, I thought for sure Braun was going to bust his way out or start throwing EMTs out once they got in but when they went the way they did I was begging for Reigns come out of nowhere with a spear or Superman punch to go full heal. Kind of disappointed with how it was handled.

Oh yeah, I was sitting there thinking that Braun was gonna smash his way out of the wrecked ambulance like the Incredible Hulk and then it just dragged on. Or as Princess noted, I thought Roman was gonna come flying offscreen with a spear while Braun staggered off.