Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope your Monday has been tremendous. I had pretty high hopes for the PPV last night and while I didn’t have much of a problem with the matches, I didn’t really like some of the finishes.

Rollins-Wyatt was a perfectly acceptable opener. Neither guy is doing much so they can not do much together for a few months.

Enzo-Cass…eh, as expected most of the BO’Ders really s--- on Cass last night but I don’t think he did anything particularly bad or good. He was there. Giving Enzo one or two hope spots would have helped the match greatly. Enzo might be done but we’ll see. Cass is in a bad spot because he’s not ready for much more than midcard right now. In hindsight they could have had Cass go singles and still been a face. He’d still have Enzo as a mouthpiece and as a face chasing the I-C title he might’ve worked a little better.

Tag match was probably my favorite on the card. Hardys probably need to drop down and do something with The Revival now to build them up. Not sure where Sheamus-Cesaro go because there are a lot of face tag teams out there.

Sasha-Bliss was a perfectly decent match and a good showing for Sasha IMO overall. Bliss is a great character, good mic work, great mannerisms in the ring. As a wrestler she’s got a long way to go but performance is half the battle.

Mis-Ambrose was more of the same. No reason to believe Dean was going to win in a 1 vs. 4 situation.

Roman-Braun was fine until the finish. I like watching these two guys and they have good chemistry. However the finish sucked. This is a blood feud and the badass heel shouldn’t win by a sidestep. Didn’t do anything for either guy.

Joe-Lesnar was fun, add in the pre-match attack and there was about 9-10 minutes of action. Would have liked a big title-saving kickout of a big move (maybe another Urange through a table or on a chair or something) rather than Brock just kind of hulking up and countering a choke into the F5. Still Joe looked good and it was all action.

The followup RAW is tonight. I’ll probably be watching the Home Run Derby and after that I’ll binge on the first two parts of “The Defiant Ones”. Maybe I’ll flip to RAW as I see fit depending on what I read in the comments.