The Babyface Champion vs The Chase

I grew up in New York, so I was a WWF fan, starting in 1983.

The WWF fan was always a territory built on a babyface champion. Jim Crockett and. Verne Gagne (when Bockwinkel was champion) believed there was more money in the chase of a babyface challenging a heel champion.

Wasn’t the problem of money in the chase was that promoters got greedy and dragged out the chase longer than they should have when there was either no payoff (Hogan chasing Bockwinkel) or so long that it helped kill interest (Team WCW challenging the NWO)?

Suffice to say Vince wouldn’t have conquered the other territories if he had a heel champion rather than Hogan?

​Probably not, but then Vince’s dad built his whole business around Bruno being champions for 8 years straight, so we know where the idea came from. Hogan was the right guy in the right place at the right time and it worked out perfectly for everyone. ​