Mid-South Wrestling – November 3rd ,1982

November 3, 1982

Boyd Pierce is your host

This week we will see Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grapplers. Also in action are Tony Atlas, Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase, and more!


The show starts with Bill Watts ringside interviewing Ted DiBiase, Jim Duggan, and Matt Borne. All the men have their title belts over their shoulders as Watts tells DiBiase his father is rolling over in his grave. DiBiase says his father is long gone and now the Junkyard Dog is gone from Mid-South Wrestling. Borne says DiBiase told him they had to get rid of JYD then we see the end of last week’s match where Duggan, dressed in a gorilla costume, ran in to spear JYD before DiBiase hit him with a loaded glove as JYD lost and had to leave for 90 days. We return to the interview as the guys are laughing over what just aired. A good way to establish this heel trio as complete jerks and a legitimate threat to everyone in the territory.


We are shown footage from two years ago, according to Watts, of Tony Atlas working out. Its set to some corny music. However, if the goal was to put his strength and physique, it worked.


 Atlas is now out to face Bob Stabler. However, Duggan comes out and tells Atlas he does not care about his “pretty” poses or lifting as he played pro football and knows what it takes to be tough. He then challenges Atlas to a pushup contest where Atlas shows him up by doing them with one hand behind his back then by clapping each time he gets up. Atlas does more pushups but Duggan attacks him and hammers away. Atlas fights back then Stabler tries to attack Atlas and he gets beat up. Atlas cleans house as Marty Lunde comes in and gets dropped himself. Atlas once again cleans house as the fans go crazy. Duggan was bleeding like crazy at the end of this.


Ted DiBiase is now in the ring as a skinny, 150lbs guy comes in and is called “S. Lee.” DiBiase laughs then the guy opens up the banner that says S. Lee is “Stagger Lee” as DiBiase wants to know who this person is as music plays then Stagger Lee comes out and is in a mask and bodysuit. The lyrics contained references to a dog and the person in the suit bared resemblance to JYD.


Ted DiBiase vs. Stagger Lee

Lee hammers away then hits a powerslam for the win as Watts brings up how JYD used to say someone named Stagger Lee beat him up in school (0:25). After the match, Lee loads the mask and headbutts DiBiase out of the ring.

Thoughts: And Mid-South creates their next hot angle. The way they set this up was clever. Prepare to see more going forward.


Vinnie Romeo vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan’s head is bandaged and his face covered in blood. He beats the crap out of Romeo then yanks off the bandage and soon after that hits the spear for the win (1:38).

Thoughts: Good way to put over Duggan as a badass. A feud with Atlas seems like the next logical step.


Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grapplers

Robley & Mr. Wrestling take control to start the match as Watts puts over all of the future shows. The Grapplers now work over Robley as Watts tells us that Mil Mascaras and Chavo Guerrero will be coming in soon. Robley tags out as Mr. Wrestling II runs wild for a bit. Grappler #2 hits an atomic drop but Mr. Wrestling crawls under his legs and tags out. Robley hits Grappler #2 with a backbreaker then an armbreaker for nearfalls then Mr. Wrestling II sets up and hits the power knee lift for the win (5:03) **1/4. After the match, Watts tells us the win will put then in line for a title shot.

Thoughts: Most of the focus on commentary was on other things going on but the action was solid throughout. They are giving Mr. Wrestling II a push but he’s not catching on much with the TV crowd.


Jesse Barr vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Kamala brushes off a dropkick then hammers away. He chops Barr down a few times then chokes him out on the mat. Kamala inflicts more punishment then catches a crossbody attempt before hitting a pair of splashes for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: Another dominating performance by Kamala, who is ready for a feud now after a month or so of destroying enhancement talent.


DiBiase & Borne are in the ring. They have bought the contracts of Marty Lunde & Vladic Smirnoff to face Iron Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia. DiBiase then addresses Stagger Lee and says he knows its the Junkyard Dog because JYD is the only person who walks like Fred Sanford. Mr. Olympia tells DiBiase he has no idea who Stagger Lee is or who he is for that matter.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Mr. Olympia

Olympia sits down to block a sunset flip from DiBiase as that gets two. Borne is in as Watts says if they give Lee a check and he is able to cash it with that name then it does not matter if he comes into the company but if Lee is unmasked to reveal JYD, he will likely be suspended for an entire year. Sharpe tags and slams DiBiase and tags out then appears to collide with Olympia as we get a noticeable tape edit too. Sharpe is back in and hammers away. Watts says the Brass Knux Championship might come back as Paul Boesch has been talking about putting together a Tournament. Borne puts Sharpe in a chinlock then DiBiase tags and misses a knee drop as Olympia tags in and runs wild until DiBiase sends him through the ropes by yanking his tights. Sharpe helps up his partner, who is now in trouble. Borne gets two after a double elbow smash then uses a chinlock. The heels distract the ref to prevent him from seeing a tag but Olympia fights off both men. The ref orders Sharpe to the apron as DiBiase loads his glove and decks Olympia with Borne covering for the win (7:00) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match was fine and it had the right ending as it kept DiBiase & Borne strong as heels.


Final Thoughts: Overall, a good show. The Stagger Lee storyline started here and it was a memorable one. I loved how after gloating about taking JYD out of the Territory for 90 days that DiBiase got some comeuppance as it was obvious this is JYD under the mask and he was going mental, which the crowd loved. You can also tell that they are really building up Duggan a lot too as he was heavily featured. Mid-South is a very interesting promotion right now.


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