Eight Tech Wrestlers – No 5-star matches?

Some guy named Henry Kettle wrote a piece claiming these eight technical wrestlers have never had a match rated the full monty. He notes 4 & 3/4 stars on some of them, but I seem to recall you have given the full monty on particular matches these folks have had. So…for real or BS?

1. Daniel Bryan

I gave Bryan v Punk ***** but Dave has never given a Bryan match that rating. Closest was Bryan v Cena, I believe. That one was ****3/4 from me as well.

2. HHH

I’ve given a couple, but Dave never has. The Foley matches and the Austin 2/3
Falls deal, plus the WM20 3 way.

3. Chris Benoit

I thought Dave gave the 93 match between Benoit and Sasuke the full monty, but I guess not.

4. Brock Lesner

I personally gave Punk vs Lesnar the five, but Dave was at ****3/4 I think. Keller gave the Angle Iron Man match on Smackdown the full five, though.

5. Kurt Angle

I gave the second Shawn Michaels match in 2005 the *****, but I know Dave never has.

6. Dean Malenko

Definitely not. Can’t even think of any that could be argued as such.

7. Randy Orton


8. Curt Hennig

I think he gave the Bockwinkel draw very close to it, but that’s the only one. In fact I’m not sure he ever rated it officially. I definitely have no ***** Hennig matches