Sting’s “The Crow” Run In WCW; 1996-1997

Was there any long-term plan for Sting when he did his "The Crow" gimmick from the rafters in WCW circa 1996-1997? Looking at how he was booked after winning the World Title from Hogan at Starrcade 1997, I wouldn’t have thought so.

​The "plan" was roughly "We kind of want Sting to come down and challenge Hogan, but every time he makes a dramatic entrance and beats up the nWo, ratings go up, so let’s just see how long we can milk this." So they just kept stretching it out and stretching it out and didn’t have any endgame in mind once he finally won the title. As has been noted many times, we would have been much better off had he won the belt at Great American Bash 97 like was originally planned. ​