Big Show leaving WCW

Despite just starting out reading stuff about wrestling on-line. I remember being shocked when the Big Show made his debut at St. Valentines Day Massacre. What were the reasons for him leaving? I would’ve figured he’d be one of the few guy Bichoff would have locked up and made sure didn’t get away, especially knowing Vince’s undying love for big guys. Did Big Show have a falling out with Eric or anyone there? Or did he just notice the ship was starting to get cracks in it?

​Vince was pretty determined to get him and drove the figurative dump truck full of money up to his house to sign him. I think there was even murmurs of contract tampering because he was so clearly talking with Giant while still in WCW. Giant was basically being used as a midcard guy in WCW anyway and you could see how unmotivated he was through most of 1998, plus he’s a guy who would clearly be starstruck by the idea of going to the WWF.

That’s probably another reason why WCW couldn’t win in the end — no matter how big they became, there was this whole generation of guys who viewed Vince’s product as "The Show" and WCW just couldn’t compete with that. ​