Great Balls of Fire Preview/Prediction Thread

Hey, since I don’t do these on the Sporting News any more (the list articles literally do 10x the pageviews that anything I’ve written here do, so that’s all I’m doing now, duh), I thought we could talk about Sunday’s show here, because it looks like a good’er! 

Probably the best buildup they’ve done for something since the Goldberg-Lesnar stuff.  Hopefully Joe can come out of it still looking like a killer, because he’s been really effective standing toe-to-toe with Brock.  He’s still losing, as he should, but as long as he can sink in the choke and make it dramatic, it’ll be a great match.  Prediction: Brock. 

Dunno about this one.  I really really really don’t feel like this is the right time for Strowman to lose again, especially to Reigns, but I guess they really want Roman to be the guy against Brock at Summerslam. And I suppose that an ambulance match isn’t a “real” job.  Braun can always destroy some geeks again to rebuild, but it just felt like Summerslam was the right time for the Brock match and it’s gonna be a step back for him if he loses to Roman again.  It feels like he should moving past him.  Prediction: Reigns.

This doesn’t feel like anything special.  No point in taking the belt off Bliss yet.  Prediction:  Bliss.

Hopefully the match is good because I watched the promos on YouTube and I have no f------ idea what they’re feuding about.  Prediction:  I dunno, Rollins?  Both guys are lost in the midcard shuffle right now. 

No one cares about 205 Live.  They’re nuts if they take the belt off Neville, though.

ARE THEY STILL WRESTLING EACH OTHER?!  I’m sure the match will be good, but this feud is beyond dead and repackaging Curt Hennig’s idiot son and Bray’s idiot brother as hired muscle isn’t helping.  The Revival would have worked 100x better in that spot.  Prediction:  Might as well keep it on the Miz. 

Frankly I have no idea what they’re doing with the Hardyz as far as long term goes, unless they’re just in a holding pattern while they iron out the Broken gimmick.  Apparently they’re close, however, so hopefully Matt loses and snaps so the world can get Senor Benjamin and all the rest.  Prediction:  Team Europe retains. 

Feels like a complete squash.  Cass doesn’t feel like he’s gonna work as a singles star, though.  We’ll see, I guess. 

And no Goldust v. R-Truth?  Haven’t they spent weeks building it up on TV?