Jonathan Holliday

Hi Scott

Reading Bayless’ report on an MSG card that featured “Playboy” Buddy Rose in the opening bout, and I was reminded that one of the Apter mags once reported Rose was getting a manager: Stampede alumnus Doctor Jonathan Holliday! As a Stampede fan to the bitter end I was looking forward to this but nothing ever came of it. Then I thought I remembered you saying once that Holliday himself had screwed it up somehow. Any memory of what went down? And how do you think Holliday would have fared as a manager in the early 90’s had he stuck around? Would he have stayed in the mid- to lower-card with the jobbers or gotten a whiff of the main event—maybe taken the place of another Doctor, Harvey Whippleman, and been in Sid’s corner at Wresltemania VIII?

​I don’t know that he screwed up a chance to be a manager in the WWF, but he REALLY pissed off the boys backstage when he was in Stampede and cost himself the job there, to the point where Chris Benoit pretty much beat the s--- out of him one night and chased him from the territory. He did get a tryout as a manager around Survivor Series 90, managing "The Black Demon" as a rib on the Black Scorpion, but obviously didn’t get the job. He was also rumored to be the guy who came up with "Blow Away", which would certainly fit with managing Rose.​