NWA World Championship Wrestling, September 27, 1986

A scrap between Wahoo McDaniel & NIkita Koloff on the eve of the U.S./National Title unification match, can Paul Jones’ money convince Manny Fernandez to betray Jimmy Valiant, and has the Midnight Express destroyed the myth of the unbeatable Road Warriors?

We open with a clip of Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tully Blanchard, with the two men exchanging chops and Wahoo naturally getting the better of it as Tully stumbles all over the ring and to the outside. Cue the open.. .

To the TBS Studio, Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts. We’re on the eve of the U.S. Tag Title Tournament, and the unification of the U.S. & National Titles..

Jim Cornette and his Midnight Express come out. Cornette announces they’re going to hold a telethon, called “Warrior Aid”, to find the Road Warriors who have disappeared after the beatdown the MX put on them recently. Cornette says he’s looked under sewer caps, inside porcelain bowls, and under rocks and they’re nowhere to be found, because the Midnight Express put them out. Loverboy Dennis talks for the second week in the row, and really, he should just let Cornette do the talking.

To the ring, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious vs. Vernon Deaton. Garvin controls with mat grappling and wins with his fairly lousy brainbuster. *

Nikita Koloff joins Tony, for once without his Russian comrades. Nikita says Ivan & Khrusher are out training for the tourney. We get video from last week’s Sunday edition, with Nikita challenging Wahoo McDaniel to settle it right then and there. Nikita is in the ring first. Wahoo enters and Nikita attacks immediately. He hits shoulderblocks in the corner and a clubbing forearm. Wahoo fires back with chops. Nikita tries the sickle, but Wahoo ducks and nails him with the big chop… Back live, Nikita promises the Russians will dominate tomorrow night and walk away with all the gold.

After a break, Baron Von Raschke & Paul Jones join Tony, who claims new Jones Army member “Ravishing” Rick Rude will be in the U.S. Tag Title Tournament tomorrow night (NOPE.) Jones hypes his new soldier. The Baron talks about wanting title shots and Jones has promised him a title. And that is all the people need to know.

To the ring, Shaska Whatley & the Barbarian w/ Paul Jones vs. Randy & Bill Mulkey. MulkeyMania! Randy reverses the Irish Whip but runs into Shaska’s knees. Mulkey ducks a Barbarian clothesline attempt and tries a crossbody but gets caught and slammed. Then he’s press slammed on top of his brother and their heads are rammed together. Bill Mulkey takes an atomic drop from Shaska and a hard bump out of the ring, where Paul Jones smacks him with the riding crop. Back in, Shaska nails a dropkick and celebrates with a strut. Barbarian delivers a one-armed body slam. Randy tags back in and gets nailed with a flying knee. Barbarian tosses him throat-first across the top rope. Barbarian delivers the running powerslam and ends it with the top rope headbutt. Thanks to the Mulkeys, who make everyone look good, much more enjoyable than the usual Jones Army squash. *3/4

After a break, Dusty Rhodes & Magnum T.A. join Tony. Magnum says they intend to win the U.S. Tag Titles tomorrow night. Dusty lays on the super hype for the Omni show, to no avail, since only 3,000 people showed up, reportedly. He also takes a shot at “the other America’s Team” (the Atlanta Braves) who are “about 19 games out of first place“.

Back to the ring, it’s Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero vs. Tony Zane & Golden Terror. Hector takes out both opponents with dropkicks. Hector & Manny take turns working over Zane’s arm. Zane tags in the Golden Terror, but Guerrero takes both opponents down with a crossbody block. Hector delivers a nice vertical suplex. The Bull finishes the Terror off with a Flying Burrito off the top rope. *1/2

Paul Jones comes back out and calls Manny Fernandez over. Jones says a lot of people don’t realize that he offered Fernandez a lot of money to join the Army, but he refused because of his friendship with Jimmy Valiant. But Jones says he’ll let bygones be bygones and says he’ll do great things for Manny, and he’s what the Army needs. Fernandez says he’s friends with the Boogie Man and “there ain’t enough money in the world to buy this Bull.

After a break, Nikita Koloff vs. Bill Tabb. Nikita tosses Tabb out of the ring. Back in, he just manhandles the big man. Tabb, who has a jacked up build similar to Nikita’s, fires back, hitting shoulderblocks in the corner as the audience erupts. But Nikita responds with a knee lift, clubbing forearm and kick to the chest. (Tabb will soon get a bit of a makeover with face paint and become the “Black Assassin” in the Florida territory after Crockett buys it.) Nikita wins with the Sickle. *

Dick Murdoch joins Tony. He talks about his long history with Dusty Rhodes, but says friendship ends when the bell rings and says he and Ronnie Garvin plan to win the tournament tomorrow night.

Back to the ring for Jimmy Valiant vs. Brodie Chase. Valiant attacks immediately and dumps Chase out. History is made as Valiant actually executes a wrestling move: a hip toss. A Greco Roman thumb to the throat and rake to the back follow. Valiant wins with the elbow drop. DUD

After the win, Valiant brings his buddy Manny Fernandez back out to reaffirm their friendship. Valiant says they’ve never betrayed each other. Valiant tells Paul Jones to take all his money “and put it when the sun don’t shine“. Then hugs Manny. Hmmm…

After a break, Jim Cornette comes out imitating Elmer Fudd. He says “be very, very quiet, I’m hunting Warriors”, and introduces his team…

Midnight Express vs. Paul Garner & Art Pritts. Beautiful Bobby comes off the top repeatedly to nail Garner. He delivers the flying elbow and tags Dennis. Cornette says the Road Warriors are finished and aren’t coming back. Eaton tosses Pritts outside, Condrey tosses him back in. Bobby whips Dennis into Pritts for a back elbow. Cornette and Bobby set up to catch Pritts when Dennis throws him out, but of course move and Pritts hits the floor. Cornette thumps Pritts on the nose. Hilarious. Paul Garner tags in and Cornette says in his spare time Garner is a plumber’s helper. “He’s shaped like a plunger, big at the bottom and little at the top.” Bobby delivers a top rope flying kneedrop, and Dennis rolls Garner over so he can bring Pritts in for more punishment. They execute the Rocket Launcher to end it. **

Afterwards, we see the video from last week of the Midnight Express taking out the Road Warriors. This resulted in Animal getting injured and being unable to compete in the U.S. Tag Title Tourney. Cornette taunts the Legion of Doom, again says they’re finished, and that ends this week’s program.

To clear up some confusion, the WWE Network had the September 20 show in the September 13 slot, so my previous review should have been slated as the September 20 show. It’s been updated now. There apparently wasn’t a September 13 program. That’s now been fixed on the WWE Network as well.

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