Mid-South Wrestling – October 28, 1982

October 28, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, the Mid-South Tag Team Titles are on the line in a No Disqualification match with the loser of the fall having to leave Mid-South for ninety days (which was originally billed as sixty days) as Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia defend against Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan. Also in action are Tony Atlas, Mr. Wrestling II, Gino Hernandez, and Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu


We have Bill Watts & Paul Boesch talking to some kids in the crowd. Boesch is then asked about the Tag Team Title match as he says he’s rooting for JYD, who was picked as the King of Wrestling in Houston. Watts then tells us that DiBiase told matchmaker Grizzly Smith about Duggan being “detained” and not here tonight so he got Matt Borne from Georgia as a replacement partner. He also talks about Borne’s illegal atomic drop (top rope sitdown splash as top rope moves were illegal in Mid-South) being legal tonight due to the no DQ stipulation .


Now, we are shown clips from Houston Wrestling as its a six-man tag of Mil Mascaras & Andre the Giant & Junkyard Dog vs. Killer Khan & Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard. Watts narrates the action as we are seeing Khan work over the ankle of Andre, which he destroyed in the WWF a year or so prior. Andre tossed Mascaras on top of Tully for the win as Watts tells us Mascaras will be on the next Superdome show. A good preview of some of the newer talent coming into the company.


Ted Allen vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Kamala attacks Allen before the bell and stays on the attack as Watts puts over his size, strength, and agility then Kamala hits a pair of splashes for the win (0:50).

Thoughts: Another impressive squash for Kamala as they continue to build him up for bigger and better things.


No Disqualification, Loser Leaves for Ninety Days, Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia (c)

They start brawling before the bell as the champs clear the ring while the crowd goes nuts. Watts reminds us if DiBiase loses, he’d be stripped of his North American Heavyweight Title as well. JYD beats on DiBiase and gets a few nearfalls before DiBiase once again ducks outside. Borne and Olympia tag in now as Olympia fires away in the corner as this crowd is going wild. Olympia stays in control then JYD comes in to knock DiBiase down. JYD now works an armbar on the mat. DiBiase tries to break that up too then Olympia beats him down as the camera shows the crowd cheering with someone in a gorilla suit standing in the back. Borne takes Olympia over with a hip toss and tags out but Olympia fights back and tags JYD, who works an armbar on the mat. The match breaks down again with the champs in control. DiBiase drags Borne out to safety as we go to commercial. The action returns with DiBiase begging for mercy before JYD hammers away. Olympia tags in and works a chinlock but DiBiase breaks that up with a back suplex before tagging out as the challengers finally take control of the match. Borne gets two with a knee drop before working a chinlock. The challengers cut off the ring as they target the back of Olympia with JYD trying everything he can to make the tag. JYD breaks up a pin attempt then drags Olympia to the corner and makes the tag. JYD runs wild then blocks DiBiase, who loaded his glove, and tries to take it out. He takes it out of DiBiase’s glove and hits Borne, who was coming off of the top. Olympia is outside of the ring when we see that person in the gorilla suit come out and slam him. The gorilla reveals himself as Duggan, who goes into the ring and spears JYD then DiBiase loads his glove again and hits JYD again then covers for the win as JYD will be forced to leave Mid-South for 90 days now as the crowd is in shock (12:03) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match with a shocking finish. Watching this for the first time, you could tell when they flashed to the gorilla costume in the crowd that something was up as this company never cut to the crowd doing the matches but it was genius for its time. The whole DiBiase turn was that he would do anything, no matter what it took or who he had to screw over, to be the champion and provide for his family and he did that here, by making up a story about Duggan being detained by police and getting Borne as a replacement. The heat for this match was off the charts too and it was all action. Just a tremendous TV match and storyline. And the crowd was in a state of shock when JYD got pinned. All fans should check this out as it is pro wrestling at its finest.


Grappler #2 vs. Tony Atlas

Watts tells us he lost his voice and “heart” after that last match. The crowd is deflated as Atlas powers out of a full nelson. Atlas shows off his athleticism with a dropkick and flying headscissors as Watts puts over his strength. Grappler #2 lands some shots as Watts is so depressed he is going to leave the booth after the match. Atlas regains control and hits a monkey flip from the corner and hits a press slam then a splash for the win (2:44).

Thoughts: Atlas looked solid here but the crowd was out of it due to what happened in the prior match.


“Gorgeous” Gino Hernandez vs. Jesse Barr

Boesch has replaced Watts on commentary and talks about being responsible for Hernandez’s entry into pro wrestling. That’s amusing since there was a rumor of Boesch being Hernandez’s father. Hernandez taunts the fans after a hip toss then puts his feet on the ropes after a full nelson but Barr drops him then hits a dropkick as Hernandez takes a breather outside. Hernandez returns and hits a spin kick then a back elbow smash. Barr catches Hernandez with a kick in the face but misses a charge in the corner then Hernandez hits a suplex before finishing him off with a falling back elbow drop from the middle rope (3:03) **.

Thoughts: All action. Both guys worked well here as Gino gets a win in his first match in the Territory.


Boesch is with DiBiase, Borne, and Duggan. The heels are all laughing as DiBiase points out how they have all the belts and JYD is gone for 90 days. Duggan talks about sacrificing his body so JYD is gone due to that and “brain power.” DiBiase says the name of the game is money and having all the belts means more money and says it was at JYD’s expense and proclaims himself the new king of wrestling. Great promo by DiBiase as we have a formidable heel trio in Mid-South and no JYD for ninety days.


Marty Lunde vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Mr. Wrestling II takes down Lunde and works over the leg. Lunde escapes and targets the arm but is taken back down to the mat. Mr. Wrestling II now fires away in the corner then hits a backdrop and a slam before hitting a pair of knee lifts setting up for the power knee lift as that gets the win (3:28).

Thoughts: A bit long for a squash match and again, this crowd was still in shock and even Watts sold as he left after being too distraught to remain on commentary.


Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs. Vinnie Romeo & Tim Horner

Matsuda takes Horner down with a fireman’s carry to start. They trade holds on the mat until Matsuda takes control. Yatsu tags and targets the ring as Horner is being isolated in the corner . Romeo finally tags in and runs wild until Yatsu catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:07).

Thoughts: Matsuda & Yatsu looked good as they get a quick win.


Pierce tells us that next week we will see Buck Robley & Mr. Wrestling II vs. The Grapplers and Gino Hernandez vs. Tony Atlas.


Final Thoughts: An incredible hour of pro wrestling. The Tag Team Title match was phenomenal and the shock of JYD losing and having to leave for 90 days had a great impact on this crowd. They also had Paul Boesch on the show and highlighted guys like Atlas and Hernandez who had been wrestling in Houston too. This show is on the WWE Network and I encourage you all to watch.


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