Cheesy wrestling merchandise


What (if anything) is the cheesiest or weirdest piece of wrestling merchandise you own and how/when/where did you get it? It can be a shirt or a toy or anything.

​I had the vibrating Chris Benoit doll a while back, which was classic terrible WCW merchandise. ​Picture of it about halfway down Grutman’s article here:

​You’ll also note the Sin Cara "Dripping With Gold" penis shirt, which was a big thing for a bit because WWE’s Shopzone website pulled it. And of course one or our own posters here bought one for me from the Japan version of the site and sent it to me. No idea where it is now.

I also bought the line of WWF spy-themed action figures back in 97, with stuff like Steve Austin and Brian Pillman as some kind of cyborg secret agents or whatever. That was pretty dumb.

Slam Crate has provided me with a myriad of dumb stuff, although I’m still loving the WWE title replica fanny pack and I literally use the Enzo Amore microphone glass every day.