Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – May 30th, 1992




– Last week on SMW TV… Buddy Landell won an “18” Man Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal, last eliminating Tim Horner, despite being thrown out moments earlier. Unfortunately for Horner, the referees were distracted by an altercation between Brian Lee and the Dirty White Boy on the opposite side of the ring, allowing Landell to pull the underhanded tactic. On the bright side, Bob Armstrong has ordered a one-on-one match where Landell and Horner will compete for the $5,000 prize.



– Taped on April 23rd from the Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN. This will be the last of the taping, as we will push forward on the June 6th episode with television taped days after the Volunteer Slam. Speaking of, this will be mostly a recap show of what transpired at the Volunteer Slam, and THANKFULLY, next week, we’ll be back to normal formatting. Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are standing by to give us the skinny and call tonight’s TV Main Event.



– Highlights of Dixie Dy-No-Mite vs. The Dirty White Boy. Despite a few underdog hope spots, the Dirty White Boy controlled the majority of the match and seemed like a lock to advance to the Semi-Finals. I didn’t notice this before, but Les Thatcher on commentary sounds a bit like Casey Kasem (famous DJ and voice-actor for Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo franchise).



– Highlights of Brian Lee vs. Buddy Landell. Again, not much of the 13+ minute match is shown, edited down to about 90-seconds here. Brian Lee won with a small package to counter a Figure-Four Leg-Lock.



– Highlights of Tim Horner vs. Paul Orndorff. The full match went just shy of the 20-minute time limit, with Orndorff tying Horner’s leg in the ropes for the cheap cover. Just a sloppy finish, since referee Mark Curtis was positioned in perfect view to see his leg in the ropes before the cover took place.



– Highlights of Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden. The weakest match of the first round. Golden spent most of it methodically working the leg until Gibson came back and finished with his signature bulldog.



– Highlights of Brian Lee vs. The Dirty White Boy. Lee got busted open early and bled a gusher, but lucked out, avoiding a flying splash, and pinning the Dirty White Boy to advance to the Finals. Post-match, the Dirty White Boy punished Lee with a chair, putting his participation in the Finals in doubt.



– Highlights of Robert Gibson vs. Paul Orndorff. Mr. Wonderful picked up where Golden left off, targeting the already damaged knee of Gibson. Orndorff eventually pinned Gibson with a knee clip and school boy (with a handful of tights).



– Highlights of the SMW Heavyweight Tournament Final between Brian Lee and Paul Orndorff. They teased Lee not being able to compete, but he returned to ringside all bandaged up. Late in the match, the referee was knocked out, bringing Commissioner Bob Armstrong to the ring. The Dirty White Boy passed a foreign object to Orndorff, but Armstrong sees it in a struggle and disqualifies Orndorff, awarding the SMW Heavyweight Championship to Brian Lee via DQ. Post-match, it turned into a 2-on-1, with Armstrong trying to help Lee against Orndorff and the White Boy, until a handful of the undercard guys ran in for a big schmoz.



– Highlights of the Heavenly Bodies vs. The Party Patrol (Davey & Johnny Rich) for the SMW Tag Team Titles. Good match, with the Bodies mostly working over Davey. The finish came when Prichard loaded up the boot and blasted Davey from behind with an enzuigiri, allowing a near-unconscious Stan Lane to fall on top for the pinfall.



– Bobby Fulton Promo. He says Tim Horner and Brian Lee, among others, have come to him to be his partner, but he said no, because his brother is down, but he’ll be back, and the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette better watch out when the Fantastics are back in the squared circle.



– Recap from last week, where Tim Horner CLEARLY eliminated Buddy Landell in the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal, but a distraction on the opposite side of the ring had the referees out of position, allowing him to sneak back in and steal the victory for $5,000. Unfortunately for him, Bob Armstrong acted immediately on Horner’s cry-baby antics (cough:Bret:cough) and offered him a singles match with Landell, with the money on the line. Even though the referee didn’t see it, the ring announcer had called all the eliminations, and also missed Landell going over?



– Buddy Landell is standing by, calling Armstrong punch-drunk and crazy to think Landell is going to give up his $5,000. All that match was, was another loss in the career of Tim Horner, so nothing new is happening.



– White Lightnin’ Tim Horner vs. “Nature Boy” Buddy Landell:
TV Main Event for the held up $5,000 from Mountain Mayhem. I just noticed Danny Davis was never thrown out, but was declared eliminated due to taking a Piledriver. Horner wastes no time attacking Landell, sending Landell to the corner and planting him with a slam. Whip and an elbow for two. Mantell says Horner can soup up his truck or buy a gun rack with the $5,000 if he’s victorious. Horner with shoulders to the midsection. Whip to the corner and Landell greets him with an elbow on the chin. Landell with chops and rights. Short-arm clothesline and arrogant cover for two. Landell with a front face-lock, using the ropes for extra leverage. Horner fights free and unloads with rights. Whip to the ropes, Landell blocks the roll, but Horner won’t be denied, and the Natural Bridge works on try number two, and gets the three-count at 3:33. Post-match, Landell knocks Horner to the outside, rams him to the post, and blasts him with a steel chair. Back inside, Landell with a pair of corkscrew elbow drops. Horner’s “busted”, and Landell adds insult to injury by ripping up the check for $5,000 and stuffs it in his mouth. *1/2 Short match, but considering this was taped probably minutes after the Battle Royal, it’s understandable. There also seemed to be an edit when Landell went to a wrist-lock, with the camera cutting away and the hold already being broken.



Final Thoughts: Only about eight minutes of the episode was original content, but at the time, the Volunteer Slam wasn’t televised and wasn’t available immediately on video cassette, so it’ a good show to catch the fan up on what took place, crowning the new SMW Heavyweight Champion, even if they booked the Finals to be a DQ finish. Landell vs. Horner seems to be a solid mid-card program to push forward with, and I’m sure we’ll have more pieces to fall into place now that we have an open path to the next big event.