NXT – June 28, 2017

Date: June 28, 2017
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness

It’s a new taping cycle here and that means a major change in the commentary team. This time around Mauro Ranallo has taken over the lead play by play role which should help for tonight’s main event. Tonight, Asuka defends her Women’s Title against Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing match. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the Women’s Title match and how Cross is a different kind of challenger.

Opening sequence.

Nigel welcomes Mauro to the announcers’ team and we preview the title match.

Velveteen Dream vs. Hoho Lun

Lun kicks and strikes away to start, earning himself a boot to the face. Dream easily powers him up for a Jackhammer and the top rope elbow puts Lun away at 1:54.

Asuka was arriving earlier today when Cross jumped her car. Security made the save but Asuka got out for the staredown. Why the car didn’t keep going when Cross was no longer in front of it isn’t clear.

We look back a few weeks at Hideo Itami attacking Oney Lorcan until Kassius Ohno made the save.

The Authors of Pain and Heavy Machinery are in William Regal’s office where he makes a Tag Team Title match in two weeks.

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan knocks him into the corner at the bell…..and Itami’s nose is bleeding so badly that the match is stopped at 1:19, about 60 seconds of which was Itami being checked.

We recap Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode with some clips from Strong’s bio videos from a few weeks back. Strong has a newborn son and wants the NXT Title to complete his family but Roode laughs off the idea of Strong moving up that fast because Strong isn’t on his level. Roode then went a step further by making a bit of a pass at Strong’s wife, officially sending Strong over the edge.

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Itami has his nose taped up and kicks Lorcan in the jaw at the bell. A running knee to the back of the head knocks Lorcan even sillier and we take a break with Oney down on the floor. Back with Lorcan hitting his running European uppercuts and a Blockbuster gets two. The GTS is broken up and Itami snaps the throat across the top. Lorcan goes down holding his knee but the GTS finishes him off anyway at 6:45.

Rating: C. This was an entertaining fight with two of the stiffest workers in the promotion. I’m not sure if this was supposed to make Itami look like a face or a heel though as fighting through an injury is going to get you cheered but that GTS to an injured opponent was rather heelish. I’d assume the match would have gone the same way with or without the bloody nose though I’d assume the heel turn is still happening.

Post match Itami calls Ohno out….but here’s Sanity to go after both of them. Itami is thrown out side (where he lands on Lorcan) as Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain leave Ohno laying. Wolfe says we need to get rid of these false friendship and Eric Young knows how to do so.

Women’s Title: Asuka vs. Nikki Cross

Asuka is defending and this is Last Woman Standing. Nikki gets beaten up against the ropes and out to the floor but Asuka’s baseball slide gets caught in the ring skirt. She hammers on the champ and builds up a pile of chairs as we take a break. Back with Asuka not being able to suplex Nikki onto said pile but getting sent into the steps instead. Nikki goes into the steps again but Asuka sends her into them as well.

It’s trashcan time and that means an ECW chant. Asuka puts the can over Nikki’s head and kicks away, followed by a missile dropkick for good measure. They fight over a chair with Asuka being sent outside, only to have Nikki dive into a knee to the head. Another pile of chairs is stacked up in the ring and Nikki is slammed off the top onto the pile for a seven count.

We take another break and come back with Asuka kicking her in the chest, drawing laughter from Nikki. Cross grabs four straight fisherman’s neckbreakers (because she’s a bit crazy and actually acts like it for a change) but Asuka is up at nine. Nikki grabs the belt but gets it kicked back into her own face.

She’s up at eight and laughing even more before blocking a suplex to the floor. A powerbomb onto the pile of chairs on the floor gets nine on the champ. They stagger up the ramp with Asuka hitting the hip attack off the stage for nine. Nikki picks her up and hits a hanging swinging neckbreaker off the barricade for a sick thud. She’s up at nine again and Nikki is looking crazier than usual. A spinning backfist sends Nikki staggering into the back and it’s table time.

Nikki sets one up near the announcers’ table and grabs a ladder to make things worse. They both climb the ladder and Asuka superplexes her through the announcers’ table for a huge crash and the HOLY S*** chant. Nikki is DONE and Asuka beats the count at nine to retain at 26:00.

Rating: B+. It takes something special to know the ending to a match (if nothing else it’s hard to believe that anyone other than Ember Moon is taking the title) and still get completely sucked into it. These two beat the heck out of each other in one of the longest women’s matches in WWE history and it was all good stuff from start to finish. They kept building up to bigger and bigger spots until the last one finally put the psycho away. I had a blast with this one and it was a heck of a match. Check this out if you get the chance.

Medics come out to check on a smiling Nikki to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. The main event easily carries this as we wrap up the first ever week with women main eventing every WWE show. The rest of the show helped set up some stuff going forward and has me looking forward to the NXT Title match next week and the Tag Team Title match in two weeks. Add in Ember Moon likely getting ready to go after the title again and things are looking up for NXT again, especially when Strong is out of the way and you can have your pick of great challengers to go after Roode’s title.


Velveteen Dream b. Hoho Lun – Top rope elbow

Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan went to a no contest when Itami was injured

Hideo Itami b. Oney Lorcan – GTS

Asuka b. Nikki Cross – Superplex through the announcers’ table

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