Future Of The WWE On Cable

I recently read an article that speculated with the way the cable landscape is changing,(with all the "cord cutting" and such), that it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities to see the WWE move Raw and Smackdown exclusively to the WWE Network. My question to you is what are the chances this could actually occur? At first I thought slim and none, but the more I imagined it it seems like it could be a reality. I mean shitty ratings on USA despite USA Network paying them a fortune could lead them not to renew their deal, and if that happens I don’t think another network would pay them as well as USA. If that occurs do you think they’d take their T.V. product to The WWE Network only, or do you think they’d settle for a lower deal someplace else?

​Going exclusively to the WWE Network would be a complete disaster and it would have to be a REALLY low offer from USA before that happened. Back when the plan was to make the WWE Network an actual terrestrial TV network, that might have been a long-term option, but as it stands they just don’t have enough subscribers to sustain that kind of thing.

Also, "cord cutting" is increasingly being revealed to be a very fringe movement at best. The vast majority of people still subscribe to cable.​