Something made me think of the awesome Steve Austin V Dude Love match from Over the Edge 98 today and decided to watch it on the Network.

Has there ever been a more fun match? And the booking is fantastic. From the video package, the prematch interview, the introductions, the changing rules, the brawling and the super hot ending- it was all executed perfectly. It might be the high point (in ring) of the Attitude Era

I know it’s not a technical classic, but in my opinion it’s a 5 star match based on the perfection of execution and the pure entertainment and enjoyment value.

My questions are
1- Can you think of a match that better captures the spirit of the Attitude Era
2- What other matches are close to 5 stars just on sheer booking and entertainment value.

​I think that match is ****3/4 because it’s awesomely worked match, booking aside, but the booking is also great. It’s one of my all-time favorite matches.

1. I think Rock v. Mankind in the first title change, or even Halftime Heat, would be another "spirit of the era" example, or Rock v. Austin at D-Generation X.

​2. My two usual examples are Roddy Piper v. Adrian Adonis at WM3, and the Pitbulls v. Raven & Richards 2/3 falls match from ECW.