A recent thread about horrible announcers of course got me thinking about Bruno Sammartino. Even at my young age at the time, I recognized just how awful he was – he seemed very old and on the edge of senility. I was shocked later to find out that he was only in his late 40s at the time. I know he later criticized the product, only adding to my image of him as a dinosaur.

As luck would have it, he just did a podcast with Jericho. Surprisingly he sounds totally healthy and seems to have a great memory. How can this possibly be? But my real question of course is did you forget about Bruno Sammartino when you proclaimed Matt Striker the worst?

​Bruno wasn’t bad, he just hated the product he was watching. He made good points all the time, but he was so disengaged from what he was calling that it pointless for him to continue. ​