WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 11th, 1990

February 11, 1990

From the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers, FL

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Gorilla Monsoon

This week’s featured match is Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. Also in action are Brutus Beefcake and the Colossal Connection plus highlights of last week’s Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase match and the WrestleMania VI main event announcement.

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. Pete Sanchez

Mr. Perfect is with The Genius and calls out Beefcake for cutting The Genius’ hair. Beefcake takes control to start and stays on the attack until putting Sanchez away with the sleeper (1:52). After the match, Beefcake gives Sanchez a haircut.

Thoughts: A quick win for Beefcake as he is now going to be feuding with Mr. Perfect. 

WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. The same segment from “Superstars of Wrestling” where we learned Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior is the WrestleMania VI main event.


Rhythm & Blues defeat Bill & Tony Mulkey in a match first shown on the 2/5/90 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Koko B. Ware defeats Kerry Booth in a match also first shown on the 2/5/90 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Gene Okerlund welcomes Bad News Brown to the interview platform. Bad News talks about the Royal Rumble match and how everyone was scared of him. He is then reminded of Roddy Piper eliminating him as Bad News tells him that he lost his mind and that he tripped over that “he-she’s” skirt and lost that way as he calls Piper, who is trying to come out and being held back by many officials, a “sissy” and to try and get a suntan to try and look like “his kind.” Piper then attacks Bad News after being told to shave his legs if he wants to wear a skirt and they brawl briefly until several enhancement talents run out to break things up. Good segment here that played off of their brawl at the Royal Rumble. After almost a year Bad News gets another feud. The character was pretty great even if he was broken down in the ring.


Shawn Michaels w/ Marty Jannetty vs. Bret Hart w/ Jim Neidhart

They trade off working the arm until Bret catches Shawn with an inverted atomic drop then takes him down with a clothesline. Shawn dodges an elbow drop and works a side headlock then hits a dropkick. Shawn heads up top but Bret pops up and slams him off. Bret hits a few uppercuts but Shawn is able to catch him with a backslide for a two count. Shawn follows with a slam and a leg drop then both men collide. They fight over a suplex and end up near the ropes where Bret barely breaks before the five count. Shawn shoves Bret then gets decked. Marty is up on the apron and yells at Bret then gets decked so Neidhart is up on the apron as Shawn hits him then all four men brawl in the ring as the ref rings the bell for a double DQ (4:23) **. Another ref runs out to break things up as both teams stare each other down.

Thoughts: This crowd was firmly behind Shawn here. Bret really didnt get booed either but they were cheering loudly for Shawn throughout the match. Really a teaser between the teams as they did not feud after this but did have matches later in the year.

Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Evans

No Canadian flag emblem on Earthquake’s singlet anymore. He overpowers Evans as Gorilla tells us Earthquake is on the “WWF Magazine” cover. Earthquake then drops an elbow and hits a sitdown splash for the win (1:05). After the match, Earthquake hits another splash then Evans gets carried out on a stretcher.

Thoughts: Easy win for Earthquake as they continue to build him up as a monster.

Replay from last week’s DiBiase vs. Roberts match, with the Big Bossman turning on Slick. After that is shown, Bossman tells Slick’s mistakes where questioning his integrity and trying to buy him off. He then calls out DiBiase and asks him how it feels to not be able to buy someone off as he tells DiBiase the cuffs in his hand are custom-made for him.


Colossal Connection w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Rico Frederico & Jim Gorman

Haku beats down Gorman to start. Frederico tags in and soon after eats a thrust kick from Haku then gets put away after an elbow drop from Andre (1:25).

Thoughts: Brief match as the Colossal Connection get an easy win.

In action next week are Jim Duggan, Dino Bravo, Powers of Pain, and the featured matchup of Dusty Rhodes vs. Rick Martel as we hear from both men.


Final Thoughts: The Shawn vs. Bret match was fun and they also had a nice segment between Piper and Bad News, making it a lot more meaningful episode of “Wrestling Challenge” than usual. Then again, that is what happens during sweeps periods. Anyway, we are firmly on the road to WrestleMania VI here.


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