WWE comic book question

Like you, I’m greatly enjoying the current WWE comic book. Any reason why they don’t promote the book on TV at all? Is it because comic books in general aren’t usually advertised on television? I just figure the company would do whatever they could to make it seem like they have a hand in all facets of entertainment.

As I ask, I realize that even though comic book movies and shows are huge business, you never see the actual source material promoted on mainstream outlets.

Anyways, just a minor curiosity. Thanks Scott, keep on truckin’.

​Darn good question, because I can’t say as I’ve ever heard much about the comic on their shows, if anything, and they could probably boost sales of it tenfold by advertising it on RAW. ​Unless the deal is just Boom Studios paid for the rights to the characters and WWE doesn’t have any financial stake in it past that? Which is odd because WWE has tried co-branded comic books before and advertised the s--- out of them, but they were more superhero books featuring caricatures of wrestlers, rather than the more reality-based books that the new ones are.