I wrote about Benoit

I wrote an article for Cultured Vultures about how, as a fan, I find myself struggling to deal with Benoit’s legacy. Figured you might enjoy it, and if you could give it a plug that would be awesome too. Either way, thanks for the constant entertainment!


​I will say, there were reports of Benoit being violent and abusive with Nancy as far back as 2004, so yeah, I’d say a lifetime of his crazy diving headbutts (and normal headbutts) added up to a lot of damage. For me, I have a lot of trouble watching his stuff even 10 years later. Like, I’m OK with the mid-90s period where he’s young and vital, but even if you go back and watch him after that neck surgery in 2001 it’s obvious that there’s stuff going on with him, which made the constant diving headbutts so terrifying even at the time! Probably because we already saw it destroy Dynamite Kid before him. ​