Best 2 Counts?

Hi Scott,

Many time, long time. I was watching this 10 Best Clip on YouTube and it brought up all kinds of questions:

1) Cactus v. Hunter: The reaction of Steph and HHH look somewhat real… did Foley go off script? I know he was pinned 1 second later so it seems possible
2) Did they avoid the Rock v. Cena because it sounds a lot like they changed the script in the ring?
3) Is there a glaring omission?

​There were no scripts changed in the ring, but there’s three HUGE omissions:

1. Hulk Hogan kicking out of the Rock Bottom at WM X-8​
2. Shawn Michaels kicking out of the tombstone at WM24
3. Undertaker kicking out of HHH’s tombstone at WM27.

Fun video otherwise.