WWF Prime Time Wrestling – February 5th, 1990

February 5, 1990

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week’s featured bout is the Hart Foundation vs. Powers of Pain


The Bushwhackers defeated Brooklyn Brawler & Mike Justice from the 1/28/90 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The WWF Update from the 2/3/90 edition of “WWF Superstars of Wrestling” is shown as it highlighted Mr. Perfect running in to attack Brutus Beefcake at the Royal Rumble.


Rick Martel defeated Reno Riggins from the 2/3/90 edition of “WWF Superstars of Wrestling.”


The Rockers defeated George South & Mike Davis from the 2/4/90 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Dino Bravo defeated Tito Santana via count out from the 2/4/90 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Demolition as they say the mark of a true champion is to brush off the dirt and head back to the top of the mountain. Smash then promises to take out the Colossal Connection.Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan call out all of the self-proclaimed tough guys in the WWF as Rude says every man is jealous of him.


Rhythm & Blues vs. Bill & Tony Mulkey

This match aired on the 2/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” We hear from Rhythm & Blues and Hart in an insert putting themselves over as the top team in the WWF. Tony gets beat down to start. Valentine chops him down hard then Bill tags in and does not fare any better. The announcers bring up WrestleMania and the number to call in order to get tickets as Honky pins Bill with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:30).

Thoughts: They are giving Rhythm & Blues a bit of a push out of the gate. Plus, with the Rougeaus quitting, Jimmy Hart needed a tag team to manage.


Hercules vs. Bob Bradley

This is from the 1/2 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Birmingham, AL. Bradley fires away to start but Hercules blocks a turnbuckle smash then tosses Bradley out from the corner. Hercules follows with a pair of slams then soon after that puts Bradley in the backbreaker submission for the win (1:40).

Thoughts: Pretty much the same as every other Hercules squash match. He’s been directionless for several months now.


The Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts match from the 2/3 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” aired complete with the “Brother Love Show” segment that followed with the Big Bossman turning babyface.


Koko B. Ware vs. Kerry Booth

This match also aired on the 2/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Koko hits a pair of arm drags to start. He then hits a headbutt and a backdrop as we once again get the number to order WrestleMania tickets. Koko then hits a missile dropkick then puts Booth away with the Ghostbuster (1:49).

Thoughts: Since returning Koko is also back to doing pretty much nothing and it will actually get worse for him.


Back to the studio as Heenan is on the phone order ordering front row WrestleMania tickets for a friend.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. Jimmy Snuka tells all of us wonderful people in “TV Wonderland” that he keeps himself in shape by paddling canoes, fishing, and surfing as he loves the challenge of the WWF. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire then call out Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri.


The Bolsheviks defeat Terry Bronson & Chuck Kilts from the 2/4/90 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The Hogan and Warrior promos that showed both men challenging each other to a match aired from the 2/3 edition from “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Hart Foundation

This match took place at the 1/23 “Wrestling Challenge” TV tapings in Fort Myers, FL. The Barbarian and Neidhart start off the match trying to knock each other down. Neidhart ducks as Barbarian accidentally clotheslines his partner off of the apron then Neidhart uses a rollup for a nearfall. Bret tags and hammers away until he gets kneed in the mid-section. Bret makes a blind tag as Neidhart clotheslines Barbarian then works the arm. Bret tags back in but Barbarian slams him down. Warlord tags then misses an elbow drop as Bret works over his arm. The Hart Foundation neutralizes Warlord by working over his arm as we head to break then come back to the studio claiming he will sell you a WrestleMania ticket at 15% off and with a hat included as well. Back to the match as the Hart Foundation remain in control. Warlord is able to catch Bret with a backbreaker then tags out as the Powers of Pain target the back of Bret. Barbarian hits Bret with a big boot then does the same to Neidhart, who tries to come in but is stopped by the ref as the Powers of Pain double-team Bret in the corner. The Powers of Pain cut off the ring as they continue to target the back. Bret comes back to boot Barbarian in the corner then crawls over for the tag as Neidhart runs wild. Barbarian accidentally elbow drops his partner trying to break up a pin then Fuji trips up Neidhart. The Anvil heads outside but Warlord attacks from behind then all four men are now brawling until Fuji accidentally whacks Warlord with the cane then Neidhart rolls inside to beat the ten count as the Hart Foundation get the win (10:37) *1/4. After the match, Bret clears the ring using Fuji’s cane.

Thoughts: Yikes, this match stunk. Both teams were going at quarter-speed here and it was a total bore. The Powers of Pain looked horrendous in this match too.


Back in the studio the announcers put over how WrestleMania VI is the first International WrestleMania and how next week the main event of that show will be announced.


Final Thoughts: Unless you miss the weekend of TV that aired before this show you missed nothing of note. The featured match stunk and the other first-run stuff was a pair of uninspired squash matches.